Sunday, April 5, 2009

Things I love revisted!!

I figured since since the girls are almost two months old (tuesday) that I would blog about things I love!

The Diaper Champ

We have one in the girl's room and it is great. Totally keeps the smell out and uses any kind of bag. I don't know if other babies have as many dirty diapers as our girls but it is ridiculous. The diaper champ is great.

30 Rock

My brother in law gave us the first season of 30 Rock after the girls were born and I love it. Even while the girls were in the hospital and I had to wake up and pump I would watch it. After the girls were home Chris and I watch TV to get through those night feeds. It gives us something to look forward to.

I pod

Wow, these girls are Chris' because they love music. We started playing music for them in the car if they seemed upset and they would calm down right down. Now they never get upset in the car. After that we decided to put an Ipod in their room. They do great with it and calm down...most of the time.

Car seats

Chris and I are very lucky that they LOVE their carseats. It is great! They will be content in them for a long time. Sometimes when we get home they will stay asleep in them for an hour. We just hope they still like them this summer. We are driving to Atlanta for a wedding.

Double strollers

It makes life so much better with a stroller I can just pop their carseats into. It is how I do things. The three of us are taking baby steps about going out. Mostly because of RSV season. We have been to Target, Hobby Lobby and Babies R us.

Lavendar lotion

Every night we put this on the girls as part of our night time routine. I don't know if it really helps them settle down but I love the way it smells!

Alright I know I have said it before but I am really going to post my birth story. Two months isn't too late yet is it!?!?


Kristi said...

No two months isn't too late, I am dying to hear your birth story! We have a Diaper Genie and we love it too. They do wonders for the poopy diaper smell. We also use the lavender lotion everynight after our baths. It does smell so good!

Suzanne said...

good gawsh woman! ditto to everything on your list! like seriously could have written it myself!!! love you guys!!!

We are the Smith Family said...

So many of my favorite too!!! I love the lavendar lotion...our diaper champ.....double stroller....Graco Safeseats ( they do tend to get warm for them)....and I only wish I knew how to use the Ipod. Hugs girl!!!!

Jennifer said...

These are great things to know...thanks for the advice! I'm wondering how often you have to empty the bag out of your Diaper Champ...I can't even imagine. :)

By the way, I did Max's birth story a few months after he turned 5...I think two months is fine. :)

Following Him said...

TWO months already...can't believe it has already been month(s)! Love the list :)

Chris Woodrow said...

Whose wedding are you going to in Atlanta? :)

Adriane said...

We have the same carseats and double stroller. Love them! The carseats are finally getting really heavy. Also, we use the Diaper champ and love it, too. Ours is smelly, though. :-)

Post the birth story for sure! I didn't even get announcements out until the girls were 3+ months old!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you next week!

I'm so stoked you liked 30 Rock! :)

- Andrea