Thursday, August 13, 2009



Just cause I think this picture is funny!
12 pounds 12oz (not on the chart yet but working on it)

Enjoys toys
Is rolling over more
more "talking"
Size 1 diapers
Some newborn clothes but some 0-3 months too!!!
Makes the Ppppppppttttt noise (trying to get it on video)
Not Swaddling finally
Likes the bumbo seat
Loves the swing
Loves to cuddle


12 pounds 9oz

Grabs at things all the time
Rolled over a few more times
Talks all the time
Blows bubbles
Not as crazy about bumbo seat unless you are entertaining her
Size 1 diapers
Wears newborn and some 0-3 month
Drools all the time
No more swaddling
Would usually rather play than cuddle unless she is super tired

I can't believe that my sweet babies are 6 months old! It really seems like I just had them but at the same time it feels like our lives have always had them in it. I can't imagine my life any other way.


Kristi said...

OMG, way too cute! I love the tutu pictures. Are those the tutu's you made? They are getting so bid. Those pictures make me want to just grab them up and squeeze them tight.

Anonymous said...

Those dresses... love em! They are just as cute as they can be! Can I have them?!?

Anonymous said...

I meant... can I have Kinley and Madelyn, not the dresses!

Ashhog said...

They are so cute Liz!!! Great pics of them-I love the top one!

Suzanne said...

TUUUUUUUTUUUUUUUUU CUUUUUTE! are you kiddin' me?!?! omg, i just love those girls so dang much! seriously, those tutu dresses---MELT ME! love your BIG girls! love the "tackle pic" and how they are recognizing each other and their surroundings. it is so amazing to experience life all over again through the eyes of a child (or children!) love you so much, hot stuff!!!

AmazingGreis said...

Those Tutu's are the best. So cute, where'd you get them?

And, OMG, they are 6 months already? They are both getting so big. Where has the time gone?

Following HIM said...

Uh...these two angels just MELT MY HEART!!! I can not believe they are already SIX months old :) TUUUU Cute :)

The Dickens Family said...

I was just wondering are the girls identical or faternal? I never heard after they were born when Suz Steece was updating your blog as they were going to run the blood test to see. The girls are beautiful and they do look alike so I wanted to see if they did happen to be identical or not.


Anonymous said...

Those tutus turned out precious! I am mega impressed. You'll have to teach me! Thanks again for letting Chris take the pics. I can't wait to see them.

Frugal Jen said...

It was great to meet you on Friday. Your daughters are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Tami said...

I feel the same way Not believing how old Chloe is and how much time has past, but feeling like she has always been with us.

the undomesticated wife said...

Such cuties!!

It was wonderful to meet all of you ladies the other night!

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Hey! Thanks for your sweet comment. I love hearing that I've inspired someone to take on a new project. If you try anything out let me how it goes. You little ones are toooo precious. I think they are going to be little heart breakers when they grow up.
I’m going to follow so we can keep with each other. Let be sure to chat at the next event :o)


Holly said...

Ahhhhh! Your girls are just so adorable! Tell Chris that I said you two make BEAUTIFUL children!!!! We need to get together real soon! I would love to see Brooke having fun with her girl cousins!!!!