Friday, August 21, 2009

Today a year ago...look at us now!

On August 21, 2008 I had my first ultrasound. I laid down to have a look at our little bean only to be told that I was having two little beans. The lady said it so calm...I will always remember exactly how she said it too. "oh it's twins" Like we were expecting it to be that. Honestly my first response was to say " who paid you to say that?!?!?!??" Followed by several "are you serious??" I don't remember anything else that lady said during our sono.I did keep asking her to keep looking and make sure that there was only two! I was processing the whole time what this meant. Also trying to figure out who to call first.

The first pictures of the Tarrant Twins!
We took this picture in our shock! Trust me we were SHOCKED!!!!!It was exciting, scary, funny and pretty much terrifying!

BACK STORY For those who don't know I was a nanny when I found out I was pregnant. About a week before my ultrasound I told the three year old I watched that I was going to have a baby. A few days after she knew I asked her what was in my tummy, she would always say...Three babies!!!!! I would try to convince her that there was only one. I should have listened. I sent a text to her mom while I was leaving my doctor that Lynlee was almost right about what was in my tummy!! I really should have listened to all the signs God was sending!!!

Ok I promise I am done with all the it was a year ago day blogs...well until February 7!!! I just want to have it for the girls when they are older.

In more recent news the girls have tried cereal!!! They would like to tell everyone that it is not their favorite thing.

Please excuse the quality of these videos. We had to use our point and shoot. Chris let someone borrow our good video camera. Also excuse my voice, I hate the way I sound but I thought they were really cute!

Ok the video of them trying to eat cereal is not wanting to I will try again tomorrow but I at least wanted to post something!



Alisha said...

The girls are so cute. And I've been enjoying the "one year ago" posts. :)

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Oh how exciting that must have been! That’s funny that she was so calm when she told you. I wonder how many multiplies she had seen that day. They are just precious and no need to say sorry for 1 year post. It’s your blog and that means you can blog about whatever you want. It’s great that they will have this to look back on!

Anonymous said...

My niece told me that I had three babies, too! Crazy! I love the video! Post more videos!!

Kristi said...

Too cute, I love the video. They are getting so big.

Jessica W said...

Please tell me where you got that stunning green tutu in the post below! One of the girls is wearing it. Omg, I love it!

Anonymous said...

They are growing so fast! Such cuties. BTW...I got my backpack today and I LOVE IT! Thanks for letting me know where to get a good one.

Anonymous said...

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