Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My little Kiwi girl!

This week we have all our six month appointments...Can you believe it my girls are six months! Kinley had an appointment with her Orthopedic doctor. She was breeched when she was born, along with her sister. Well they were pulled out that way. By Texas state law babies born breeched must have a hip sono. Kinley and Madelyn both had one while still in the NICU. Madelyn's was great but Kinley's wasn't and the Dr at the hospital heard a clicking in her hip. Kinley was referred to Cooks Children's to have it looked at and to decide if she need to wear a brace. They didn't think she would need a brace but wanted to keep a eye on her mild hip dysplasia. We went back every month to check her progress with a dr visit or a sonogram. 

 I had just assumed I would take both of the girls with me like I have done most of the other times. Until I found out my friend was going to be in town and I thought I would get her to watch Madelyn and I could actually just take one baby. After I went to the trouble of asking my friend, Chris was off and had decided to go. I figured we would just take them both, but Celeste said that we could go and just focus on Kinley. How great is that!! It was so much fun being normal. I didn't get ask a thousand questions! I don't usually mind it at all but it was a nice break. 

Our appointments are always in the middle of a feeding. Kinley would not wait!
Chris showing K a little love...No he doesn't love her at all. 

Hutton girls do you recognize this outfit?!?!?!?!

The doctor checked her and she had an x-ray. Everything looks great and had fixed itself! She has completely normal hips and we have no more appointments with them!!! Not that we didn't like them...they are great! Just so nice to have something to take off the list! Tomorrow...pedi appointments! 
Little Kinley ready to sleep and see her sister! We missed her

Still working on our vaca posts...waiting on pictures from others!!! I promise soon. I have had sick babies the last few days. 



Stephanie said...

How great that you were able to get some alone time during your appt! I'm sure it was weird just carrying around one baby though!!
Glad the appt went well!!!

Following HIM said...

YAHOO for the appointment going so well :) Miss K looks like she is soakin' up all the attention :)

Anonymous said...

Kinley looks great in Kiwi! So glad everything went well! Can't wait to hear about their 6 month appt! Get your spoons ready...

Kristi said...

Yeah, no more hip problems. It is nice to be able to only take one baby, even though we do miss the other. Kinley is too cutemin her outfit.

Anonymous said...

I always love readin ur posts!!!Im glad her hip problems went away thats awesome!!!!!!!!!Love you all! <3 Jess

Suzanne said...

half a year old!!!! biiiiiig girls! and SO excited that kinley can stop going to the ortho doc! yaaay for strong hipped-baby girls! (love the outfit and LOVE the bow!!) that cutie-patootie! feels good to have only one child in public---totally get that! can't wait for our little blogger date tomorrow night! love you!