Sunday, December 27, 2009

Weekend with Ben and Sav!

A month or so ago I offered to watch the quads for a weekend while they went to a graduation...I was totally serious and would have watched all four!!! But they decided to leave us with two and take the other two to their grandparents. We had such a blast playing with Ben and Sav. It was a taste of life with two sets of twins! More than once Chris would look at me and say...This could be our life in a few years!!!! We are totally joking...We hope!!! We had a wonderful time except Kinley running a fever towards the end.

The four kiddoes! The girls look so tiny in big kid seats.
Ben and Sav not impressed!

They loved watching Ben and Sav eat! I hope they took some pointers!
Madelyn(left) Kinley (right)

The next morning Sav took Madelyn on a little ride! She LOVED it!

OMG, Sav is the best BFF ever and was so sweet to the girls.

Playing in Savie's dress up clothes

After naps on Saturday we decided that it was time to get a little fresh air! We let the big kids play while we fed the girlies their bottles on the porch!

I don't know why but I love this picture!
Check out the Static on Sav's hair!

Our attempt at a group photo. They might not be smiling but at least they are looking!

Having a little Chit Chat with Sav!
BTW, the quads were crazy about the bumbo seats! They sat in them ALL weekend!

Hands down, favorite toy of all time.
I just wish Santa had known before all the presents were bought!
The girls played with this all the time

See I told you!! Ben would carry it around everywhere.

Pure joy! Such a sweet sweet girl!
I am so glad that my girls will have such a great friend in you Sav!!!

Joe and Suz, watch out! Look how stinkin' pretty she is!!!
So in addition to loving the bumbo's, Ben and Sav played with our carseats all weekend!!! Here is a little video of them.

I would like to add, Sav dressed her self that day! In fact she changed clothes several times! Such a Miss priss!

We always have so much fun at the Steece house and are always excited about our next visit!!!


Kristi said...

Love the picture of Sav pushing the stroller. My niece did the same thing with my girls.

Kristi H said...

What a fun day! Although I have to say I am definitely not qualified to handle more than 2 kids! You're awesome!

Stephanie said...

You are such a wonderful friend!! You ans Suz are very lucky to have eachother!!
Awesome post! I loved all the pics and it looks like they had a blast!!

Following HIM said...

What a great weekend! Ben and Sav always make my heart melt and Sav's picture of her laughing cracks me up! Glad you had a fabulous weekend with fabulous kiddos!

john cave osborne said...

parents of twins watching 1/2 of a group of quads! that's about the coolest thing i've heard of in quite some time. you're such TROOPERS. my wife and i have triplets and we can't even get one of our friends w/ singletons to watch them. the steeces are lucky to have you. your kids are beautiful, by the way.

Hilary said...

How fun!!! Great pictures :)

Suzanne said...

yes folks! liz and chris ARE THAT AMAZING!!! such great friends and i love them SO much. LOOOOVED this post and seeing what you guys were up to while we were away! precious. fav picture most definitely is sav's static and ben up close! freaking love it!!!! miss you guys! liz, we need a post-holiday-stress-relief-girl's night-date!!!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Loved all these pics! Looks like a good time was had by all!