Saturday, February 20, 2010

1 Year check ups!

The girls recently had their one year check-ups . My cousin Sarah decided she would go along to help, thank you soooo much, Sarah! The girls had been more fussy than normal the week before but I just put it off as teeth. Boy was I wrong.....Ear infections. Kinley had two, and Madelyn, one. Poor babies! They didn't feel good.

I always get them all dressed up for appointments. I don't know why!!! You can tell they don't feel great. Trust me this was the best we could do, picture wise!

I get them dressed up to get naked three seconds after we get there. Silly Mama!

Madelyn Playing on the floor. I know gross. It was seriously the best we could do. They were so grumpy! I washed them down afterwards.
Not a good picture but you can see Kinley's top tooth. We call it her buck tooth.

Kinley actually happy for a second.

We didn't give the girls their shots that day because they were running fevers. So we get to go back and get those and follow up on the ears. It was a SUPER long visit. I took a whole long list of questions to make sure we asked the doctor everything I needed to know.

The Details

-Girls weigh right over 16 pounds. (edit, Im an idiot. I have been telling people 16 it was 15 pounds) Not on chart but doctor seemed not concerned.
-doing like they should developmentally (for 7 week early preemies)
-can start switching to whole milk. Switching slowly.
-wants us using sippy cups and no bottles in 2 to 3 months
-isn't worried that they still use pacifiers
-watching the reflux still

After our appointment we went and got our Antibiotics. Went home and the girls took a long nap. Poor babies were worn out!

Madelyn and Kinley's drink of choice for ten days. They freaking love this stuff. Madelyn will cry if I give it to Kinley first.


The Scott's said...

Ugh...ear infections stink! I felt horrible when I took B&B in on Thursday too. Hope K&M are feeling better soon. Brooks had Amoxil once when I took him in for croop, but since Burkley has never had it, they gave us something different this time. It's pretty strong and is doing a toll on their bellies...ugh! Hope all is well with mom and dad...Cory and I both have wonderful sinus drainage!!!

Hilary said...

Poor girlies!! Hope they are feeling better soon..they are super cute even if they don't feel good :)

Suzanne said...

hilarious---gotta love that they LOVE their pink meds! hope they get better SOON! those outfits are presh!!!!

love you!

Kristi said...

get feeling better girlies, you have some new friends to meet next week! Poor babies, you can tell they didn't feel good.

Holly said...

Poor babies! I hope they get feeling better soon. I get mine all cute for appts too because we don't get to get out much. Even not feeling good they are still super adorable!!!

Celeste Smith said...

Did you move their cribs back next to each other or just edit the pic that way??? I am sorry they had to go through that! Haha...about getting them dressed up for the ped. I always forget that I am going to have to undress and dress her until I get there and I think "why did I put her in this" lol!