Monday, February 22, 2010

Great Great Grandma

Back in January Chris's Great Grandmother passed away. She was almost 104!! Isn't that crazy! She fell and broke her hip and due to her age they could not operate. The girls had met her once and I am so glad she got to see them. She had two sets of twin grandsons and our twins were her great great granddaugters.

Here she is with Tiny Kinley in May 2009

Love this picture!

We decided to take the trip to go to the funeral with the girls. Thanks to Renea, Steve and Becca for all their great hospitality! We got there late on Thursday night, girls asleep everything going fine until I realized I had brought everything except the bag with EVERY piece of clothing for the girls! They had jeans on and an ACU t-shirt. Not exactly funeral clothes. Luckily for some strange reason there was PJ's in the diaper bag. We got up super early headed to Target...Target pretty much let me down. Like the first time ever!!! They had nothing in 3-6 or anything smaller than 12 months for that matter. We found some oneies and a pair of pants, but that was it! We headed to meet Becca's class and all her teacher friends. We must be talked about a lot because walking through the hallway, we kept hearing "oh those are Ms. Osborn's twins" LOL! We love our Aunt Becca! I am missing the camera with the pictures from the first half of the trip so SORRY no pictures!

After the failed attempt at Target, we happened to find a Carter's outlet and all was OK!!! We had some dresses!

After the funeral, we went back to Chris's grandma's and visited for a while. Madelyn and Kinley love a house that is not baby proofed! Lots to get into!

Here is Madelyn trying to get to stuff!

Kinley with her Uncle Johnny (he is a twin). They loved him!

Madelyn with her cousin Hope. Hope was like two weeks old at my wedding.
Here are some pictures of the twins in our one outfit! Silly mama!

Go Wildcats!!

Here is what pictures really look like.

I love this picture! So cute!
After lunch on Saturday we headed back. The girls didn't do so well on the way home. Kinley would only stop screaming if she was holding my hand.

I tried to take a picture but it was hard!

We got home to a very well thought out packed bag of clothes.
Each outfit all together in a bag. A lot of good when it is in another town.


Kristi said...

you are too silly. It's not like you had anything else to do, or any kiddos to worry about. If you do that this weekend, we have back up clothes!

Jenna @ Newlyweds said...

So sorry o hear about your grandmother, 104 that a long full life.

I have been know to forget things a time or two as well. Your girls are adorable.

Hilary said...

Sorry about your Grandmother. 104 that's amazing though!! Forgetting clothes would be something that I would do too!!