Thursday, February 25, 2010

A year ago today...we were four!

Any NICU parent knows how it is to leave your baby or babies behind in the Hospital. You wait to hear anything about "going home" The 25th of February will always be special to us. It was the day we brought our two little babies home from the hospital. They weighed under 5 pounds, so itty bitty! It is almost hard to look at their little pictures, seeing how tiny and fragile they were.

The Day we brought them home!





Driving home for the first time!

Kinley, left Madelyn, right

Madelyn, left Kinley, right

It is AMAZING how much they change in just a year! This year has been a roller coster but we wouldn't have it any other way!! I am glad that we sleep more now though!!!


The Scott's said... sweet! Hearing those two words, "going home" was like music to my ears too. Congrats on K&M's one year coming home anniversary! They have come such a long way and they are just as precious as ever!

Suzanne said...

what a special day indeed! (i guess its different when you only have two, i couldn't tell you for the LIFE of me when all of our kids got home! lol) the girls are just getting cuter every time i see them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously...looking so big and grown up! oh the play dates are going to get more and more fun, lizzie-poo! i love you! have a GREAT super-fantabulous weekend!

Janet said...

Love this post! Your girls are so stinkin' cute!! I always love reading posts from fellow twin mommy's!!

Celeste Smith said...

So cute! i remember how tiny they were!! Changing there diapers was a delicate procedure!

R has that "summer lovin" onesie...haha! Look at them with enough hair to put bows in!!!! Growing TOO stinkin fast!

Kris said...

Your girls are so adorable. It is always fun to read blogs of other twin Moms. I was wondering where you get all their cute head bands. Do you make them?

Twin Mom + 1

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.