Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today isn't the Girl's first Valentine's day but it was a special one! Last Valentine's day was spent inside the NICU. How nice to enjoy it at home without wires!!!!!

Chris did a great job too! I had breakfast in bed! I don't think the boy has cooked for me since we were dating so it was a nice surprise.

Here are a few pictures of the girls looking at their Valentine's present from Mommy and Daddy. My mom always had a few little things for us on Valentine's day when we were little so I got the girls a few things! Not they care, yet! (pjs, socks, and baby einstein CD. I know exciting right???)

Always trying to take things from each other!

Daddy with Kinley!

Pretty much everytime we go out people comment on how big Maddie's eyes are. I love them!

She is looking a little shocked in this picture.

Happy Valentine's Day!!



Following HIM said...

Glad you guys had a GREAT VDAY. M&K are just precious!

The Scott's said...

Glad to hear that M&K had a Happy "First" Valentine's Day at home! And breakfast in bed...someone is SPOILED!!!

Kristi said...

Special for sure. And yes Big BEAUTIFUL eyes! Love them! Glad you had a good Valentine's Day.

Jenna @ Newlyweds said...

Happy Valentines day your girls are just precious!

Suzanne said...

happy valentine's day you terrific tarrants!!! LOVE that last pic of maddie! those are some cute outfits and kickin' shoes! their hair is getting so full and beautiful! come over whenever you can and i'd glady trim up the back!!!

love you!!! hope your sickies are feeling better!!! need a liz date this week sometime!

Celeste Smith said...

LOVE IT! They are as always adorable! Hey I am always up for any excuse to treat my two girls to a little present! Way to go Chris! Breakfast in bed!!! Both of your girls are just beautiful and perfect in every way! Love you guys!!!

Hilary said...

They are precious and their shoes are great too :) Glad you had such a special day ;)

julia said...

What cute little Valentine's!!

julia said...

just tagged you on my blog....