Saturday, March 6, 2010

1 Year post!

Ok, so I totally forgot about the 1 year stats! I don't know what I was thinking. This is my baby book, for now. Until I get time to fill out their real baby books. I will!!! I was really good about writing things down everyday that we did with them or things they learn to do. I did it great till their party and have not done it since! Ha, they have just gotten so much more active.


Weighs 15.8 pounds
Can wave
blow kisses
crawls, pulls up and cruises around furniture
When you tell her no, she lowers her head, raises her eyebrows and gives you the evil eye.
getting much more shy
wears size 2 diapers
wears 3-6 month clothes (a few 0-3 skirts)
size 2 shoe
loves crackers
likes cheerios
throws her food on the floor all the time
Two bottom teeth and two top
Still takes a pacifier
Is usually the last to wake up
fake coughs
Sleeps 7-7:30 to 8
Two naps (we just gave up that third nap and moved bed time up 30 minutes)


weighs 15.3 pounds
Can wave
blows kisses and makes a noise with it
crawls, pulls up. Does not cruise as much but can
When she wakes up she HAS to bring her blanket
laughs at Kinley a lot
LOVES cheerios and Crackers
wears 3-6 clothes (0-3 skirts)
size 2 diapers
size 2 shoe (could still wear size 1 but kinley can't)
constantly rolling over while you change her diaper, won't stay still
wakes up first, pretty much every time
two bottom teeth
Loves this elmo toy they have
sleeps from 7 to 7:30-8
two naps

I still look at them and CAN'T believe it's been a year!

We have had sippy cup boot camp this week and it has been rough. One of the hardest weeks! Seriously, horrible! I was going to tackle "get rid of pacifiers" but I don't want to do that the same time we got rid of bottles.


Britni Key said...

We have the same exact hair and no cut yet! We'll see how it goes. They are just too cute and hopefully one day we'll all get to meet! To me they look like two brown haired Adde & Clare Key girls. Petite and precious.

The Scott's said...

OH MY GOODNESS...these pictures of K&M are just precious! Good luck with paci boot camp...we haven't tackeled that task yet because they have been sick...but they really only take them at nap and night time (so I can live with that for now).

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

So sweet! I love their little outfits.

Stephanie said...

I agree with the decision to not take them away at the same time!
Hope the sippy cup issue gets easier!!
They are just so stinking cute!!!

Kristi said...

love the pics, and love me some Tarrant girlies!!!!

Janet said...

Your girls are so stinkin' cute! Love reading your updates!!

Holly said...

Oh those pictures are to die for! I love love it!

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this post? Precious little munchkins! Love those diaper covers :)

Kris said...

Oh my goodness. Love the photos! You have adorable little ones.