Monday, March 1, 2010

New friends!

Over the weekend Chris, I and the girls went to visit one of my blogger friends, Kristi. Since the girls were born Kristi has sent my girls stuff in the mail. It was so nice especially when we first bought the girls home to know someone that I had never met cared about us. Over the last year Kristi and I have Chatted/Instant messaged/text message/emailed, sometimes several times a day. She has become a very good friend to me. It was so strange to meet someone for the first time but feel like you knew them so well!

Saturday we just hung out and played with the four girls. We caught up and visited with our new friends.

The fab 4 eating lunch.

My Girls loved Lexyn and Brittyn and were always following them around.

Lexyn and Brittyn were so sweet to us and my girls. We enjoyed getting to see what life is going to be like in 6 or so months. I was worried they would be shy and not know what to think of all of us but they warmed up pretty quickly. I hate that we live so far away.

Kristi reading a book to Kinley. Lexyn is reading a book too!
During the visit Kinley and Madelyn loved taking Lexyn and Brittyn's sippy cups from them. I was hoping that they would see the big girls drinking out of them and start drinking theirs. It worked. They are drinking out of theirs tons better. We are not totally there but getting there with sippy cups.

Kinley stealing a sip

Caught in the act

Saying Madelyn likes Cheerios is a understatement! She loves them. Actually both girls do they don't like to eat a lot but they will ALWAYS take cheerios or really any type of cereal. Over the weekend Brittyn and Lexyn had snack cups with Cheerios and had left them laying on the floor. Madelyn made her way over there and grabbed both of them and was helping herself. One of the girls noticed and wanted it back. Madelyn wanted none of it. Madelyn never cries when something gets taken unless you mess with her cheerios!!!

Madelyn watching the dogs outside, enjoying her stolen cheerios.

Brittyn Sliding down the slide.

Such pretty little girls!!!


Ben blowing bubbles for the girls. My girls had never really seen bubbles before.

Kinley and Madelyn also slid for the first time.



M and K playing with bubble wands with Brittyn.

Madelyn tasting bubbles

They loved playing and eating the grass.

We saw the "quack,quacks"

After playing at the park everyone needed a bath. At home we still use the baby tub but thought we would just throw M and K in together. They loved it. We are also remodeling the girls bathroom at home so we better get it finished so the girls can have their tub back.

Saturday night after the girls went to sleep. Kristi's mom was so nice and came over to sit with the girls while the four of us went out to eat!!! Thank you so much, Cindy! It was so nice to get to go out with another couple and no kids. I don't know why we didn't get a picture of all four of us. I think we were just so excited to have a babysitter we forgot! LOL

Chris playing with Lex and Britt

The attempt was made to get a picture with all four!
This was the best we could do. They all have matching skirts on too!

While we were packing up to leave the girls were playing in the pack in plays. Lexyn and Brittyn are amazing climbers and can climb in and out of just about anything. Also a great thing about traveling to someone else's house that has kids it's all baby proofed and you don't have to take high chairs and cribs! Thanks for letting us borrow your stuff while we were there.

The girls playing one last time.

Kristi and I!

Kristi and Ben, Thanks for everything! We had a great time and are so glad we traveled to meet you. We miss you already!


amy said...

Oh my goodness- SO FUN! I love love love seeing my 2 blogger friends' worlds combine! :) What a blessing this blogging stuff can be :) Can't wait til September...

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so jealous! Looks like all the girls had a great time together! Can't wait to meet you both in September :)

Stephanie said...

How awesome to finally be able to meet!!
Sounds like a great weekend!
I love when bloggy friends become real friends!!

Celeste Smith said...

How fun! I love all the pictures...seems like a busy weekend for all!

Holly said...

How fun! I can't wait for the kiddos to be old enough to have friends and play. So jealous.... looks like you had so much fun!

Suzanne said...

girrrl! i know you had been wanting to meet forever! so glad you had a wonderful weekend!!!! the pictures were precious. love you!

Kristi said...

We miss you guys too. It was a fun weekend and so glad we finally got to meet each other in real life!

The Scott's said... I'm super jealous! I honestly can not wait until September to meet everyone! So glad to hear that everyone had a great time. LOVE the pictures of all the fun and so cute!

We are the Smith Family said...

I am soooo jealous!!! Wish we could have joined!!! What fun!!!