Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting to go outside!

The weather here most of last week was amazing! We did have a random 10 minute Hail storm one day but as in Texas tradition it came and went fast! Like I had said we have had a rough week or so. You know when things never seem to go right...that was our week. We are officially and completely off bottles and have been for about a week and a half. (post later) Anyways, I got off topic! One day when Daddy got home early we decided to take the girls to the park. They LOVED it!! You would have thought we had never taken them outside! Last time the weather was this pretty they weighed around 5 pounds! What a difference a year makes!

Madelyn enjoying the swing!

Kinley with her "mean" look. (it gets worse)

She decided it was ok, afterall!

Issac, the little boy I just started watching.

So after awhile we were there, this lady saw the girls swinging like that and wanted to take a picture. She said it was the funniest thing she had ever seen. I guess if you have never seen it, it looks silly!
Always staring at other kids

Seriously that is what they did almost the entire time.

Then we went to feed the ducks. Kinley really like watching them. (k, in the back)

After the park, Daddy had to do some work so we out of his way and went to the store. I have never been serious grocery shopping with the girls by myself. I either leave them with Daddy or he goes. Anyways it went GREAT! They sat down and didn't wiggle to get out at all. We got lots of attention and the girls even scored a free balloon!

Girls enjoying the balloon!
I wish the post ended there...about 5 minutes after I took this picture, we were in a wreck. It was in the parking lot so it was not too bad but so annoying! The girls and I were not hurt AT ALL. I was in the lane after backing out and a lady backed right into me! I ran out because it hit on Kinley's side but of course she was fine. I don't think she even really noticed it. The lady finally got out and tried to convince me that we were both backing out. I was not and was already in drive. Plus she hit the side of my van with the back of her car. I do have a pretty ugly dent. She asked "you don't want my insurance information do you?" HUH, do I have a dent on my car???? Anyways it has been a HUGE headache and I still don't have my dent fixed. I am hoping I get to take it in this week.


Anonymous said...

Love the smiles!! I wish we could join you all at the park! How fun would that be! I love the pics of them sharing the swing - how sweet!

I noticed someone taking a picture of our girls in a restaurant the other day with her cell phone! Is that something we'll have to get used to? Hope not!

scdnkrd said...

I don't know why in the world people would think twins in one swing would be funny!!! CUTE, yes, but FUNNY????? More like ADORABLE!

Kristi said...

We swing like that too. Does get lots of lookers, but hey it works and they LOVE it. Sweet smiles from the girls as they enjoy their outside time.

The Scott's said...

Such cute pictures of you precious little ones at the park! We've been playing outside too this weekend and B&B are lovin' it! It sure beats being inside alllllll day long! Ugh, sorry about your dent. Hope you get it fixed soon!

sweetpeanme said...

Man I wish we could have some of that sunshine! I'd love to journey to the park (even though my kids are still in utero!) :o)

Looks like you had fun! (other than the wreck of course!)

Hilary said...

The park pictures are too cute ;) Sorry about the wreck..that's a bummer!

Kelly said...

your little girls are so cute!!

Anonymous said...

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Nicole said...

I have a weird you pick up someone from Park Row Academy (in Arlington) on Mon/Wed or Fri? I swear I saw you and the girls when I was picking up my girls, I can't remember which day it was but those are the days I am there getting them. I saw someone that looked kind of like you - and had twins they were pushing in a stroller. I hope you don't think i'm weird, I follow your blog from the Steece's who I started following from my sister in law. Anyway, I was going to ask "are you so and so" but I didn't want to seem weird... lol! Anyway, if you want to contact me (I didn't know how else to contact you but through a comment) -