Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adjusted...1 Year!

The girls are finally 1 (adjusted age)!!!! It seems like they have been 1 for a while and we are just now at our due date! I remember when I found out I was pregnant (before we knew it was twins) March 24 was a date that seem sooo far away. It is the date I repeated 1400 times a day, whenever some asked "when are you due?" As soon as we heard it was twins, the doctor pretty much assured us that we would not make it to the 24th but it was still the date that everything went around!!! I think I will always remember March 24th as a special day!

The girls last year on the 24th! This picture just cracks me up!
Today we met Daddy for a quick lunch! It was nice to get out of the house.

Kinley, trying to talk me into getting out of the high chair.

When Maddie does not get her way, she puts her head down and cries! DRAMA queen!

It's ok now, I got a french fry!

Daddy gave in and got her out

We went and ran some errands after lunch. We went to Costco to pick up a few things...First we ran into another set of SWEET twin girls about two months older than M & K. Walked a few aisles over and ran into one of our favorite NICU nurse. It was so fun to see her and show her our "big" girls. While we were checking out behind the set of twins we had met, a lady came up to us and said "well this is weird there are two sets of twins right here and my daughter just found out she is having twins!" She asked if we had any advice..."how long do you have"!!!

Needless to say we ran in for a few things and it took a while longer than usual...We are used to things taking a little longer this days!


Kristi said...

Daddy to the rescue. Chris is a great daddy, and seemed to always let the girls win! That's what daddy's are for. Finally 1! Crazy how fast it is going by. Love me some Tarrant girls!

Anonymous said...

When we eat fast food, I have to save the french fries for dessert or that is all they will eat! I love their hair with the bows! Hopefully we'll have a little more hair soon!

We're always running into other twins, too. I guess they're everywhere these days!

Suzanne said...

liz!!!! those pics of the girls are beeeeautiful! yellow is my favorite color on little girlies! and wow- kinley looks SO much like maddie in these pics! SO cute. love them! love you!!!

happy belated due date!

Celeste Smith said...

I agree with Suz...K is looking a bit Mish in these pics...I NEVER confuse the two but that picture of her pouting to get out of the chair looked more like M than ever! I am so glad that you take the stops and starts of your day with stride!