Friday, April 9, 2010

Marshmallow Hair...Yuck!

For Easter the girls were given some Marshmallow candy. Up to this point the girls have pretty much not had a lot of stuff like candy...well except their birthday! I have been OBSESSED with trying to make them good eaters (veggies,etc) because their Daddy won't eat a vegetable to save his life. Not that it is working... Anyways I figured it was time to let them have a little sugar!

These pictures were taken two different times.

Girls trying marshmallows for the first time!


Madelyn stuffing it in

I made sure that we only had them on a bath nights because this is what happens...



It took me a while to get all the gross out of their hair tonight during bath time!!! I almost wonder if I got it all!!!

I think we are finally getting the sickies out of our's been a rough week. We however gave it to Uncle Andrew!! I hope that is the last of it though...Looking forward to meeting some blogging friends this weekend!!


amy said...

hahaha!! Yuck! Cute pics. EXCITED to see you today!!

Anonymous said...

Cuties! I gave my girls marshmallows once. (Won't do that again anytime soon!) Avery is bad about putting her hands in her hair while she's eating, too! Makes for some interesting hair styles :)

Hilary said...

That's funny..instant hair products!! :) The pictures are too cute. ;)

Celeste Smith said...

I would love to tell you after nine years of mommyhood that messy eating gets better...but I would be lying. I am sure you have heard me tell Lily five times after she eats to go wash her face/hair/hands.

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Hahaha, too cute! Mine put everything in the hair too...makes me crazy :)!