Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

This has been a rough week! Mama was totally out of the count for a few days. I have not felt that bad in a VERY long time. I am pretty sure I had some sort of food poison, it was horrible! It started one day out of the blue and thankfully a quick call to Mimi (my mom) and she was able to get off of work and come home. I am finally feeling more like myself and able to walk around again!

The girls had a great Easter and really enjoyed the egg hunt at our church!

Poppy helping the girls hunt for eggs!

This is basically what the girls did with their eggs.


Kinley saw an egg!!

Sweet Maddie!

Ok, so we have the coolest girl in our youth group that LOVES animals! She just got a few baby ducks and brought them up to the egg hunt to let the kids take pictures with them. How cool is that. I was a little worried at first what the twins would do to the ducks, but they did great!


"be sweet, Kinley"

So cute!

Ok, Madelyn had enough and wanted up! NO NAPS ARE BAD!
This picture just makes me laugh

Still not too thrilled!

Holding the duck

Playing with Daddy

Mimi brought them bunny ears!

After Church and lunch with Grandma (Chris' mom) the girls got their Easter baskets, from the Easter bunny.

Madelyn playing with a pinwheel. She carried it around forever!

Easter baskets

eating the candy duck! Catching a theme here!!!

We had a great day and had lots of fun watching the girls play with eggs.


Alisha said...

The photo of Madelyn with the duck is so funny. I love the expression on her face!

Janet said...

Your girls are adorable! I love their Easter dresses!

Anonymous said...

Aww! They looked so cute!! Love the ducky pictures!

I hope you're feeling better! Sounds aweful!

Kristi said...

Very pretty in their yellow and blue dresses. That was so neat getting to have pics with real baby ducks. Glad yal had a good Easter.

Stephanie said...

I love the blue and yellow dresses!!
Sorry you have been sick :(
Thank goodness for Mimi's!!!
Looks like they enjoyed thier Easter!!
Beautiful always!!

Suzanne said...

hate that you were feeling bad, lizzie-poo! love you and hope you are MUCH better!

the girls were absolutely adorable in their beautiful Easter dresses!!! and those shoes! SOOOOOOOOO CUTE! do they make those in my size? lol

their hair is getting SO thick! makes me sick to my stomach about not cutting sav's hair more when she was little! she has such thin, scraggly hair! about to chop it all off into a cute stacked bob!

love you!

Hilary said...

They loook too precious in those dresses!!! Happy Easter :)

scdnkrd said...

Did you see the few I got of your girls? I love the one of the Bunny Ears!!!! They were just adorable, Elizabeth! I ALWAYS knew you and Chris would make gorgeous kids! I am sad I didn't get a pic of our three together.. It will happen!

The Buschbachs said...

Liz, I'm so sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. I sure hope you are feeling better. I can only imagine what its like to keep up with two little girls and not feel good (I'm not looking forward to those days). I love the girls' Easter dresses, they are so cute! I had the hardest time finding newborn dresses for our girls...apparently they don't often make newborn dresses, go figure. HOpe all is well and that you start feeling better real soon!!

Celeste Smith said...

AWW R had bunny ears but I forgot to bring them! Also...I think she did a number on th esolid yellow duck...poor little and pictures to come! your girls looked so sweet that day! I love them!

Hannah said...

ohmygosh i love the chicks! How fun is that. And super cute dresses :)