Thursday, November 4, 2010

Can't wait!

Last year my amazing friend Hannah, fellow twin mama, and one AMAZING photographer took our family photos. I fell in LOVE with them and we decided that from then on she was our photographer for family pictures. It's SOOO much easier than having to get Chris to take them...I need his help trying to keep our girls still! Anyways I am so excited to let you guys in on a secret...ok, so it's not a secret but it is really cool!

Last year we drove to Abilene to have these pictures done and while I would drive there again...She is coming to Ft. Worth!

I am just so excited and wanted to let you know about it so you could get her to take your pictures too!

She is GREAT with kids and patient! I am telling you...she is great!

Aren't my girls so little in these pictures....makes me tear up a little!

Here is all the info if you want to join in! I know we will be there!!!!

Now all I need to do is figure out what everyone is going to wear!!!!


Celeste Smith said...

love those pics!!!

Hannah said...

ha ha just saw this post. and now i need to stop catching up on your blog and go work on your pics instead!