Monday, November 8, 2010

A day at the Lake!

My Mom (Mimi) works at the Library and they are remodeling one of her libraries. She had a great idea to raise funds for the new remodel...instead of having a walk and the walkers raise money they had a Paddle-a-ton. The paddlers raised money and either Kayaked or canoed the paddle trail around our lake. The Library is called Lake Arlington Library and built by the lake so it made perfect sense!!! My mom of course talked Chris and my Dad (poppy) into participating. We headed down there to cheer them on! There was other stuff to do so the girls had a BLAST!

Poor Kinley got a bug bite the night before...doesn't it look horrible?!

Ok, this picture is better of her!

Madelyn riding in the wagon before it starts
Chris with the girls

Chris getting ready to head out.
Madelyn on Poppy's shoulders once they got back!
The girls are NEVER far away if Poppy is around!

They also would let kids and their parents go out on a boat for $5. We went for a few rides.

Madelyn getting ready in her life jacket

Kinley freaked out when we put the life jacket Madelyn decided to go by herself!

Madelyn having a moment with Poppy

Kinley chose to wait with Sandi and watch her sister
Several people from our Church came out to support my mom...I know she REALLY appreciated it!
Chris and Brooke (we LOVE when we get to spend time with them)
Cheyanne and Vicky

They had other things to do out at the lake and we had fun looking at the fire truck.

They weren't sure when we left them on the truck for a picture.

They also had a few races...and actually Chris won! He won a pretty neat Jansport backpack and choose the pink one for the girls...isn't he a nice DADA...(I said hey, I need a new backpack for the girls and they have a cute pink one) lol!
Chris during his race!
They actually had an adventure photographer out there and he got some AMAZING shots of the girls. I am ordering some and once I get them I will put them on the blog. We had a great day out at the lake and glad we got to go and support our Mimi!


amy said...

Great idea! What a fun day!! great pics

Anonymous said...

How fun and what a great cause! Looks like Kinley and Alex attract the bugs ;) I recently switched to a backpack and it makes life much easier when you have two hands to hold! (So many times they got knocked in the head when my other diaper bag fell off my shoulder! Oops!)

Celeste Smith said...

Got to start them kayaking young. Lily's first paddle was at Lake Arlington as well! I just found those pictures the other day. She was about older than K&M though.

The Scott's said...

How fun and what a great cause!