Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wicker Reunion 2010

One weekend my Mom’s side was having a family reunion and the girls and I headed down with Poppy to see everyone! We got there kinda of late and the girls were super ready to be out of the car. Chris had been out of town on business that whole week so the girls were probably just glad to see other people besides their mom.

Poppy taking the girls for rides at the hotel. (look how tired they are)

IMG_7481 IMG_7482

So it was WAY after their bed time when we put them down to bed…or so we hoped. The girls are on a schedule and honestly they don’t always do great when they get off. Because all my family was there our room was luckily by my aunt, unlucky for them because they screamed and screamed. At home I have NO problem doing the scream it out method but at a hotel I don’t. I caved…

Photo-0462 That’s right we headed to Wal-mart at almost midnight to buy paci’s…which the girls had been off for almost three weeks at this point. My poor cousin Elayna was staying in the room with us and we made a group decision that because we didn’t want to keep everyone up we needed pacis. I know, not my best mom moment…hey, you do what you gotta do! We didn't take pacis home with us btw!

The next day we all were going to the farm where my grandmother grew up. Her name was Margaret (Kinley’s middle name is Margaret after her)

Elayna and the girls! Those straps will not hold them in!


The family!


This family had bought the farm and the old house many years ago and were nice enough to let 50+ people come and look at it all! They completely redid the inside of the old house. It was such a wonderful surprise. Especially to my Aunt who had grown up there. The house was built in the turn of the century.

They did have to tear down part of the old porch but they made this dining room table out of the wood.



When my grandmother was a teenager she worked a a soda shop in town. Since then the drug store no longer stands but the local museum saved the counter and it’s on exhibit there.


I just thought it was so neat!


Sadly ACU’s Homecoming was the same weekend as our reunion so I missed it again this year. But luckily “Aunt” Becca was driving through the town we were in and stopped by for about an hour to see me…I mean the girls! IMG_7534That night we all had dinner together and our annual auction and talent show! The girls were entertained for hours by their many cousins, which was great for mama!!! So nice to eat with both hands!




We had a wonderful time getting to know our family more this weekend! I love that my girls will know so many cousins, aunts and uncles!


Celeste Smith said...

Cuties! They look so big in all these pictures. I can't wait to see them this week!

Janet said...

Cute pictures! Still love those big blue eyes!

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