Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Twins, Twins...Part TWO

While Kristi and her girls were here we decided to take a shopping trip on Saturday but decided that we were in no hurry and just took our time getting ready.

I love these sweet faces! eating some crackers before we leave
We thought it would be fun to take the girls to Rainforest Cafe for lunch...the two moms with the fours kids. I completely thought mine would do fine...boy was I wrong. Kinley cried the whole time...wait, not cried...SCREAMED. Unless I was holding her. It will be a LONG time before we do that again.

The four kiddies at Rainforest!
After a crazy day of shopping on a Saturday, not sure what we were thinking! We left, I might mention with much more than we came with!!!! We headed home...thinking the kids would sleep the whole way home...boy were we wrong!!!! Lexyn had other ideas...We were sitting a light and she started screaming we look back and poor Lex just starts throwing up! We u-turn into a gas station to clean everything up.

Poor Lex! (Auntie Liz had to snap a few pictures)
After about two more throwing ups we were home and thinking that maybe it was a fluke! HA, then Brittyn started! It was a long night and I am sure Kristi at that point just wanted to be home. Sunday morning we just stayed home because we weren't sure what would happen next! By the afternoon everyone seemed fine and we continued to the pumpkin patch.

Girls waiting for us to get them ready! Never a dull moment with four!
When we got there we each had one kid that didn't want to be is mine.

Kinley was much happier to be there!

Madelyn probably cried unless I was holding her until we found this tractor...She started yelling, down, down, down!!! She RAN over to the tractor and wanted on. She was less than happy when we told her she had to take turns.
On the tractor and HUGE hit with our bunch!

The two cooperative ones. Kinley and Brittyn

Nope not happy again!
Love this picture of Kinley

Sweet friends!

we got asked at least five times if they were quads!
again Kinley and Brittyn!

Maddie thinking about not crying!

sweet sisters!
I know after the pumpkin patch I started to get sad it was the end of the weekend! Crazy times but memories I know the mama's will not forget! What time isn't crazy with 4, 2 and under!?

Kristi, Lexyn and Brittyn, we are all so glad you came and missed you Ben! Sorry it was not all perfect but so glad it happened anyways! I can't wait to see you all again and hopefully not too long after the little one is here! Love you all so much!


Celeste Smith said...

So glad that the pukies went away so quickly and you were able to end your visit with fun! For the record...I don't think I have ever been to the Rainforest Cafe with a group of small children without one hating it...its SO loud! Your girls are looking so big in these pictures and it's making me sad. Every time I leave and come back they become more and more like little girls.

Shelley said...

I'm declaring the Ft. Worth Zoo the puke zoo. Emery has gotten sick with a stomach bug the last 3 times we've been there! She was puking on Saturday too....strawberries ALL over the living room. Yum. :-)

Miss you! Let's plan something soon!