Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oct 2011-K and M

These are the girls official 2.5 pictures. I know they are almost 3 now...gasp, having a tough time admitting that! However all the stats are more current! 

Kinley-Kooter, Koo koo, Kinley Margeret, KK (too many)
Oh Kinley, where to begin...DRAMA! Everything is a HUGE deal. I feel like we will see this drama for a while. Sadly I know where she gets it from so it's hard to be mad...SOMETIMES!

LOVES to say NO WAY when she isn't getting her way. 

She is also always telling us we "hurt her feelings" when she doesn't get her way. 

talks ALL the time...also from me. 
Takes longer to warm up to people though. 
Counts all the time, and they are usually in the right order. 
Loves to dance and we will catch her singing  to herself all the time. 
Asks to watch TB (TV) all the time and acts like we are abusing her if we say no. 
When she is talking about yesterday (or any day other than today) she says the LAST DAY. "we went to the park the last day"
When it's dark in a room she will ask us to turn the "dark off" or if she wants the light off says "turn the dark on"
 Wants to do EVERYTHING by herself. I have to work on having patience! She walks in with both legs in one leg hole in panties all the time!

 Weighs around 22 pounds. (not on chart) Tall and so NO pants fit this poor child.
shorts and skirts-6 to 9
Pants - some 18 month and some 24 but have to alter.
shirts-18 and 24 month
shoes-mostly 6
panties-2T (that is the smallest size)

Hardly has any more accidents and only if she is distracted
Has tubes and no ear infections since the tubes. Tubes have been SUCH a blessing to our family!
has all teeth but her two year old molars

 Both GIRLS!

Both girls are really coming into being a twin. If that makes any sense. They are starting the weird twin stuff like talking for each other or sympathy pains.

They love each other so much and really don't like to be apart lately. If one isn't where the other can see them they are asking "where sissy" Don't get me wrong they can have a GOOD fight too.

When they wake up in the morning which ever wakes up first will call for me, "mama, I awake" the next one will wake up not see their sister and ask for their her.

 They will fight over the same toy even if they have two of them. But then love to share with each other. If you ever give one of them a snack/treat they will ask for one for their sister.

I get told they look identical all the time, even though there is a almost 2 itch height difference! 

 They both sleep with boppy pillows still. They have been washed so many times they are flat but they LOVE them.

Both still sleep in cribs. Showing NO signs of wanting to change! WOOHOO! I have all their toddler bed stuff ready but at this point wondering if we will just go to twin beds. They look so little in a real bed though.

When I do their hair they say "making my pony hair mama"

Madelyn-Maddie, Mae Mae, Madelyn Clare, Moo Moo, Mooder (way too many nicknames)
Madelyn, my love bug. Don't worry though gives just as much DRAMA but so much quieter about it. Sneaky might be a better word! She does things in her own time and usually does things right but in her own time. 

 If you ever say you are mad at Madelyn or just act mad she LOSES it. She hates for people to be mad. "I sorry Mama, I sorry" she will grab your face and love on you. I can't decide if she knows what she is doing and gets that is getting her out of things...

When Madelyn talks about later (such as tomorrow or even later that day) she says night..."I wear that pretty (dress) night"

Has to have a blanket. Will take anyone but has one that she LOVES. She calls it her "pink" If she is ever hurt, sleepy or sad that is what she will ask for.

has a pony that she loves too.

Both girls are Mama's girls but Maddie especially.

My little OCD two year old. Can find anything...just ask her she will usually find it. Either because she remembers seeing it or she has put it away. Yesterday at Auntie Suz's house we couldn't find her shoes...they were in her kid's shoe basket of course! She puts everything away...most of the time. FREAKS out if she gets dirty/wet and hates if her shoes get dirty...My mom says I was the same way.

Madelyn has been behind in speech because she was unable to hear well before the tubes. Her speech is improving SOOOOOO much. I love her little raspy voice!


  Weighs around 23 almost 24 pounds. (under 4 percent)
shorts and skirts-6 to 9
Pants - some 18 month and some 24 but have to alter. Actually can wear smaller pants than K because she is  almost 2 itches shorter
shirts-18 and 24 month
shoes-mostly 5
panties-2T (that is the smallest size)

Doing so well with not accidents, had a pooping issue but in the last couple of weeks it has gotten TONS better.
Has tubes, however one did fall out. No infections since the tubes.

I love this age and hate it all at the same time. They are hard right now but also so much fun! It's never never a dull moment

Here are all the rest of the pictures. For all of my blog readers who are concerned about what my kids drink. (I know you are out there :) Don't worry it's not soda. We had the bottles and put juice in them. Which I am sure is not right either but there you was for like 5 minutes!


Anonymous said...

never commented before, but can i just say i thinks RIDICULOUS that you, and other bloggers, have to put in side notes as to what you give your children. they are your children, and if you want them to have coke every now and again, then thats your business. people really need to focus on their families, not others. on a happier note, i think your girls are beautiful and healthy and you are doing a great job!

Esther said...

Liz, I follow your blog very very often...the girls are adorable! I, too, hear you on the "not on chart" thing- my twin boys are just 25lb and are 38 months old. They are not that short, though, because they need 3T pants but the waist is a whole different issue! Perfect pants would be 3T length with 12-18 months waist. GOod luck finding that, right? And since we are in the North and not Texas, long pants are a must. Do you know how tall the girls are at the moment? Just curious, that's all. THey are precious...
PS: I had a hard time finding undies for my boys since some brands run really big. I found some 2T-3T ones at Kmart out of all places that do run quite small..and also the Paul Frank for Target ones (you know the cute monkey brand) runs small, too...

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pics! Although Alex would prefer Dr. Pepper! Haha! They are so darn precious! I love that you include so many personal things... I'm going to regret not including more of that! I always think I'll remember, but as quickly as it passes and something else is the norm, I'm already forgetting :(

Elizabeth said...

Esther, Thanks!!! How sweet are you! I totally get the frustration about having smaller kids and finding clothes!!! So hard.

We don't have Kmart here, but I wish we did. We buy the ones from Target then wash them in hot water and dry them. It helps SORT of! lol

I don't know how tall the girls are at the moment, they see a dietitian and she weighs and measures them so I will know next week! My email is if you ever want to email! Do you have a blog?

amy said...

LOVE the coca-cola pics!! Love those sweet girls and love you!