Saturday, November 12, 2011

Six Flags

Growing up where you have an amusement park in your "back yard" you take it for granted! I totally got burned out on going and really haven't wanted to go. However lately I have been thinking about taking the girls, so when our good friend who is a electrician there gave us free tickets we were more than happy to go! Thanks Tom!
The girls and I on the teacups!

I just love this picture...check out the cheese faces!

 Maddie Bug!

They loved it but would slide around on the seats! We had to hold on to them.

You can't go to Six Flags and not take a picture in this chair.
For people who wonder how taking a picture with 2 year old twins goes, I give you the following pictures!

So we took the girls on a little ferris wheel in the little kid part of the park. I HATE ferris wheels...I can do roller coasters but HATE ferris wheels!!! Totally freaking out...I hate how you have to wait while everyone gets on and off. 
I am not sure the girls loved it but they LOVED all the other rides! Just like their mama!

Ok, they like it better than I did!

Look how much they LOVED this ride!

It was around Halloween so they had a hay maze! They didn't really get it but thought it was fun.
 Kinley was TERRIFIED of anything dressed up so she didn't like Bugs...

 Madelyn just wanted to give him a hug.
We went up on the tall tower and looked over Ft. Worth and Dallas!

We had a great time and can't wait to get passes next year!

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Janet said...

Love it! Adorable pictures~