Monday, November 14, 2011

E week!

Letter E...We had a TON of appointments this week so we didn't do a ton but we still managed to do some letter E things...
Learning how to write the Letter E

 We learned all about EGGS

 I even let them hold one...I think I might have had a heart attack!
 They got really into the EGGS

 Eating our EGGS...Kinley and one of her "faces"


Our letter E for ELEPHANT

We also watched ELMO and a movie about Elephants! 


Esther said...

Liz, I am quite impressed that the girls are able to write out letters already. That is quite advanced....:)

Janet said...

You are so creative! Love all your ideas!

hannah said...

Love that you are doing these with the girls. Back in May I stopped doing weekly crafts cause there was just too much going on and the kids still ask about it. I'm sure the girls are LOVING it!!