Monday, November 21, 2011

Halloween...the rest of the story!

This was the first year that the girls cared anything about Halloween. I don't know that they got it entirely but they knew it was fun. 

We had a BUSY Halloween weekend...It seemed like we went to EVERY fall festival possible...ha! It was fun but man were we tired. Our first round was with the Steeces! I was worried about the girls would tear up their costumes so we didn't wear them the first day. 

Suz rounded up the troops for a little Trunk or Treating. 

These dudes CRACKED me up with their mustaches!!! The foursome was so cute!

M and K with the Band! lol
The Hoags met up with us too. Madelyn was so excited to see "CarCar" and run to hug him. 

Sweet baby Yodi, Sawyer. 

After that festival we ran to a few with Aunt Nell and Issac! The girls love to follow him around so that helped them to learn to say Trick or Treat. 
Sweet Maddie and Her Aunt Nell. 

Later that weekend, we met up with the Hoags and the Steeces again for their festivals at their church. The Girls wore their costumes this time. 
Mama and her little peacocks!
Love this kid!

The gang wondering around!

Stopping for some grub! Good looking bunch!!

On actual Halloween we had our Church's trunk or treating...some of our family that were there.

Our preacher's name is Woody. So he and his wife dressed up as Woody and Jesse from Toy Story. I am pretty sure that made M and K's night!

This is pretty much the girls favorite part...candy!!! They had withdraws the next week!
The Girls had such cute Halloween Outfits this year...

i had to include those pictures!

We all had a wonderful and tiring Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Fun fun!! A&A still ask to go trick-or-treating! Love that last pic and the one of you and the girls!

Esther said...

i love the last photo...such cutie-pies...i can see why some people may think that the girls are identical twins but truly, you can see that they are not :) then again, i still have strangers say that my blond and dark-haired twin boys with two different eye colors are identical, so nothing surprises me anymore!

Healthy Branscoms said...

I love your blog! I hope you don't mind that I became a follower! :) Erin

hannah said...

I just love their costumes and all of their Halloween outfits! Too cute!

Kristi said...

I am just now reading this! But their outfits were so cute! I love how you put zebra leggings and a yellow skirt with their candy corn shirts. Miss those girlies and you!