Monday, February 13, 2012

Christmas Morning!

Christmas morning this year was a ton of fun! The girls kind of "got it". They asked for two things (they feed off each other, yes) Kinley began asking for a towel and then Madelyn asked for a cupcake. So throughout the following weeks they both were asking for both. Silly girls, I don't think they get they could ask for more but that is OK with me!!!
I have a video of them telling us what they want but I can't find it...:(

Our Christmas tree on Christmas morning!
 close up of their "dress up closet"

 Their magnet board for the new play room! It's great cause all the magnets are out of the kitchen!
 Cupcakes!!! (I ran out of time and yes bought ones at the store)
They ran to the dress up stuff...such girlies!! LOVE IT
 Madelyn especially loves dress up
 Tried to get them to sit and open presents together so they didn't know what they were getting when the other opened it...
 The famous towel...I have to say they got four. Mimi got them towels too.
 We headed over to Mimi's house in our jammies still and opened presents. After looking at these pictures I didn't realize how long the girls hair has gotten.

Then over to Uncle Ray's to be with my Dad's side of the family...yes we had a busy day(we actually had a late church service too)! The girls are never far away when presents are being opened!

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas with the girls. They enjoyed it so much!

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