Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Welcome to Kinley and Madelyn's Carnival...Part 2

We are blessed with awesome friends and family who LOVE our girls so much. I love getting to see everyone together that love them. It's touching to know others are in this with you. We survived three years of having twins and these are the people that helped us do that!  With out further ado...the pictures!
Madelyn playing "can toss"
Kinley red faced from bouncing in the bounce house
Best thing I did was "hire" teens to help run the booths! Jeorja and Issac!
Aunt Nell and Kinley
Madelyn getting her face painted. I have NEVER seen a 3 year old sit this still!
side view of the Photo Booth! (Joe and Suz)

My Aunt and Uncle have a pony named Bear. Madelyn LOVES this pony, Kinley likes to talk about him and will SOMETIMES get on. Anyways when I decided to do a carnival I knew we had to have Bear make an appearance. Like every year it's cold on the girls party day. (last year it was FROZEN and we almost canceled) So we decided to bring the pony inside which they had done before for the girls cousin's party. Anyways Bear only tolerated this for a few kids!
The girl's future husband ;)...they will have to fight over him. Carter!
Sweet Lizzie
Kinley, see she isn't too sure
IN HEAVEN this girl.
The girl's new BFF...she let them bowl with her last week and they are smitten! Also she made all the AMAZING treat bags...sorry Kim you offered! (bet you didn't think I would accept...ha! JK! We love you so much!
Madelyn with design numero uno!
This picture CRACKS me up! Carter and Samuel "Bubba"I don't know what was happening!
Kinley blew her candles out super fast and Madelyn took forever. She would act like she was going to blow really big then barely blow. Silly girls!
The cutest and sweetest baby EVER...Sawyer. The girls call him "my baby"
Cutting more cake...you can kinda see it was blue and red inside
My dad and Keith (my cousin and man behind the photo booth) and his awesome girlfriend Jennifer
My Dad was in charge of making balloon animals. He can make a MEAN balloon hat or a dog but his FAVORITE was the sword...ha!!!
E-Drew as the girls call the tweedles with their "swords"!
 When Madelyn saw K had a butterfly she HAD to go change hers. She always wants to be matching
 They run up like this to each her often...Sisters!
Opening presents...these girls are spoiled!
Digging through the loot in their new purses!
Ok, so I think my favorite thing we did was the photo booth. It was fun because we got so many pictures of people there that we wouldn't get otherwise!

Uncle Ray and Aunt Myrna...LOVE this picture!
Keith got a chance in front of the camera!
I think my fav from the day. Poppy really got into this! These should be his FB picture! LOL
The girls BFF Sav, I think we talk about her a minimum of 10 times a day 
Madelyn and Mama! She was way more excited about pictures
ok, so NO ONE has any idea who this is...so if anyone knows, let me know! HA
Oh My Suz...what would I do without ya!
 The Birthday girls!!!!
Aunt "Bucket" and Maddie
where to begin...I love this group of people like family (in my book they are) Suz and Ashley are probably why I am still here today! I love these girls like sisters and they mean the world to me, I can't even express how special they are to me. I like the dudes a lot too!!! So glad we have this picture. With 8 kids we don't always get to hang out! LOVE YOU GUYS!
 some of the fun teenagers who helped out!!! Great sitters too!
Two of my right hands during this party. Girls I have the utmost respect for you both for putting up with me and my craziness! I made a promise we would take birthday number 4 off! Elayna and Becca (Aunt Bucket) who drives a long way to be here every year!
 Ladies and Gentleman...My wonderful husband who also puts up with my crazy too!
Jesika and Jose! I made them take this. They helped run the prize booth
Auntie Ash and Uncle Col (My kids have lots of "aunts" and "uncles" I love that)
Joe and Sav!
Danelle and Issac (another one of the future husbands)
Mimi and Poppy! My Mom and Dad did a TON for this party. My mom, I can't even tell you all the errands I sent her on, all the gluing and putting up she did! My dad made all the popcorn and built the awesome carnival booths. Yes, made them!!!!
ok, here is our CHESSY mustache joke...I mustache you a question. I can ask now or SHAVE it for later...ha
Jesika and Jera
The AMAZING Potter family...I wish we got to see y'all more often
Woody and Sandi! I am not sure the girls don't think he is the Woody from Toy Story!
Uncle Joe and Auntie Suz. 
Whew...sorry about all the pictures but I hope you enjoyed them! I can't believe my babies are 3! yes, they are still my babies!! 


Britni Key said...

Liz...all I have to say is you are NUTS! That is a freaking full blown carnival minus the crazy carnies. You out did yourself with that party. It looked awesome and how special K&M are to have someone that cares so much and gives them a party so grand. I love it! Now you need a break...where are we going?

Janet said...

LOVE IT! The photo booth pictures are hilarious and an awesome idea! You did an awesome job with their party! I think you have a future in the party planning biz!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love your blog and all your pics. We're planning our daughter's 5th birthday and I was thinking of doing a similar photo booth idea (as well as some other activities) to keep the kids entertained while they are waiting to have their face painted. Did you print out the pics at the party or just send/print out after? Thanks so much!

Liz said...

hey Anon, we just sent them to the people later! Hope that helps. Good luck with your party!!!