Friday, February 17, 2012

Welcome to the Kinley and Madelyn's Carnival...Part 1

I am totally skipping around on blogging. I figured I would show what I have been doing so maybe the lack of blogging will make sense!

Part 1-details! Part 2-fun and photo booth pics!

The invite!

The entrance. 

What is a carnival without LOTS of food!

Lots of sweet treats too!

Mustache suckers!

The centerpieces 

Carnival GAMES!!!

We had a can toss, bowling, ring toss and fishing and a bounce house!

after playing a few games take a stroll over to the PHOTO BOOTH

or take a pony ride

Then cash in your tickets!

or if you are thirsty go by the concession stand for a drink and cotton candy!
or have your face painted!
Come back to check out all the fun we had!!! I still can't believe my babies are 3!!!! 3, where did the time go!


Holly said...

Seriously.... your kids have the coolest mama ever! That turned out absolutely amazing! We need to just fly you in for K & K's 3rd. Happy happy 3rd birthday gorgeous M & K! I hope you had a great day!

Melody Forest McKee said...

Love love love all of it!!!! You did an amazing job!

hannah said...

So fun! You are the best party planner! I wish you lived here so we could go and so that you could help me plan mine :) Miss you!

amy said...

AMAZING!! Still sad we missed it!! :(

Ronni said...

WOW - this is amazing! You could seriously get paid to be a party planner! :)

Mrs. Williams said...

Awesome party-looks like you did a great job.