Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rockin' Christmas Eve...Late I know!

 Every year we have Christmas with my Mom's family on Christmas but this year we moved it to Christmas Eve. I have to say I enjoyed changing it up! It was also the first year Elayna (my cousin) and I took over planning Christmas. In our family that is kind of a big deal, for the torch to be passed...One Christmas anyways!

First let's start off with SOME of the decor and food!! Thank you Pinterest!
Coconut Cake, AAAMAZING! My grammy would make this every year!
 Strawberries Romanoff...to die for. Look this one up!

 Stuffed mushrooms, so yummy!

Center Pieces!

 The youngest always passes out gifts...the girls helped but mostly Elayna still gets stuck with the tradition!
The girls are ready to OPEN!
 Kinley with her new "Strawberry Cake"!
 Madelyn LOVES LOVES to color!
Also in our traditions of Christmas, (are you seeing a pattern my family has LOTS of traditions) We ALWAYS have Christmas crackers. They are poppers that have little silly prizes and silly crowns. I used to think this was the oddest thing we did and sure it still is but it makes for silly goofy pictures!

 I am not sure where Maddie's pants are...
 The fam!
 After everyone left we got the girls in their Santa Jammies and left cookies out for Santa and they wanted to give food for the reindeer too. All I could think of was cheerios. LOL

Up next Christmas morning!!

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Anonymous said...

Great idea for reindeer food is dry oatmeal mixed with a little bit of glitter or cupcake sprinkles. Put in a baggy and mix it up. Then let the littles sprinkle it out on your lawn (reindeer stay outside to eat while Santa leaves presents).