Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More Christmas!

Christmas morning this year was a BLAST with the girls! They were soooo excited about everything that was going on. Getting them to go to sleep was fun let me tell you...ha! 

Christmas set up before the girls destroyed it :) Their new table!

Our Christmas tree this year. 
Kinley was very concerned with how Santa was going to get in because we always have our fireplace closed. Santa knew she was worried so he left the doors open to show her he got in just fine!

Still a little confused and sleepy! 
I just think this picture is funny...they totally were annoyed we stopped for pictures. 

We might have to do something different next year...kinda bad when your sister opens the same present a few moments before you. Kinda ruins the surprise.

They got DVD players for the car...Kinley wasn't too impressed. 
Both girls asked for dream lights. K-a ladybug/butterfly one. M-unicorn. Then Madelyn wanted dress up clothes and shoes. When Kinley opened her bag of play shoes, she handed the bag to Madelyn and said oops I opened your bag. They had a hard time understanding that they might get stuff they didn't ask for. 
Opening presents at Mimi's! 

I LOOOVEEE this next picture. At first I was wishing that all of them were looking at the camera but I kinda of like that it's more real life!
The girls are always being held by their poppy.Good thing they are tiny! 
If the girls weren't spoiled enough this Christmas...Aunt Becca "Aunt Bucket" came into town!!!



Janet said...

Man they have gotten so big! Also good to know I'm not the only one just getting around to blogging about Christmas!! :-)

Anonymous said...


As far as opening same presents...My sister and I were close in age and often received similar gifts. Somehow my parents persuaded us to sit back-to-back to open certain presents and it didn't phase us a bit. It was fun! We'd open them at the same time, be super excited and then turn to see what the sister got.