Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Christmas in iphone pics!

Honestly we have been sooo busy I mainly take pics with my phone these days! Which is sad because I have a decent camera (one of Chris's old ones) and not a great Iphone camera. Yes, I am still using a 3GS, sad isn't it? ;) Totally kidding! 

I had planned do to a whole blog about our elf but I sadly didn't take many pics of him. The girls were a little unsure of the elf the first night he came to us from the north pole. They QUICKLY warmed up and named him Max. Oh little Max how you helped me keep the girls in line this year ;) They would hop out of bed and try to find Max everyday. 

Max decided to go fishing one day...It was a sad day for Max though. He was touched and had to return to the north pole for  a few days to get his magic back!
 No Christmas season is complete without LOTS of peppermint mochas! In a holiday cup of course!

 Max with a note thanking the girls for the cookies they made for him...suck ups! ;)

 My pinterest project.
 Madelyn with our star...Kinley WILL NOT do this.  
 Max put all the stuff out to make some more cookies! I think Max must have been off his diet for Dec!

The girls had Christmas parties at school. It was a little challenging going back and forth to each classes trying to spend equal time in each class. Aww, the story of every mom with more than one! 

Kinley, about to decorate her cookie in the Rainbows class. 

 Her finished product...pretty sure she was more excited to just eat it!

 Kinley playing Pin the nose on the Reindeer  

 Madelyn in the Stars class!

 Madelyn doing Puzzles with one of her little friends!
 What is Christmas without a melt down at Target!
 We decided to take the girls to the dollar tree to get gifts for a few people...HILARIOUS!! 
 We did Prairie Lights with Mimi one night...This will be a tradition to go there from now on!
We made "donuts" for Max using Cheerios. 
 Our "donuts"
I needed to bring something sweet to put in the favor boxes in Kinley's class, so I saw these on pinterest and thought they were cute!!!
Marshmallow reindeer pops!

 I figured I was making them for K's class I could for her sister's class, it turned out to be a quite the project!
Ok, this picture is just because I like the way my cousin wrapped it! Love the burlap!
 We had a WHITE CHRISTMAS! The girls have had 4 Christmas and two of them have been white! Ironically I have only had two white Christmas's also!

 We took the girls to see Monster's Inc in 3D!

 Classic I didn't get my way face while watching your Besties in a Christmas Play! 
I would like to say I will get better about taking pictures with my "real" camera and I hope I will. My phone is just so handy!

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