Friday, February 20, 2009

My first two weeks as a mommy!

Well not alot has changed with the girls. They are both just trying to learn the bottle. It's been a roller coaster ride. Some days Madelyn is doing better then some days Kinley is ahead. They are already competing!!! We were told to make an appointment with the pedi on Wednesday or Thursday so we are hoping they will be home before that. We are ready for our family to be together!

In the last two weeks my life has changed so much! I thought I would blog about some things that I use every day and love!!! or at least use now and didn't before.

Boppy pillow!
I love this thing. We started working on nursing this week and it helps so much!

We found out this week that we are going to be a Pampers family for sure! They used Huggies on Madelyn and Kinley and everytime they leaked through. I'm not talking about a little either. It was crazy.
Preemie Sleepers!
We go through lots of these! I remember thinking we probably won't need these very much. Ha, was I wrong.

Butt Paste!

Kinley had horrible diaper rash this week . They were thinking it was a yeast infection but decided it was just plain ole diaper rash. We used this stuff and it went away!Shout and Dreft!!!
Like I said after the huggies trial and the fact that we are having some spitting up issues. I am learning that I love these two products and will go through lots of them. Thanks, Suz for getting me started with the biggest Dreft ever and the advice about the Shout.

I am loving my new role as a mommy and can't wait to really be one at home. It feels so different now when we are at home without them. We don't feel complete without all four of us together.
Don't worry I'm posting pictures of the babies too!!!


She lays like this most of the time! She has the longest skinny legs, fingers and toes!

Holding on to her Grandpa's finger. It melts my heart when they grab on to me like that!

We have also been trying to finish their room since they came a little early. As soon as it is done I will post pictures. It's turning out really cute I think.


Kristi said...

We are a pampers swaddlers family too. I hate huggies. Not only do they leak, they don't keep their little bottoms dry. You can order Pampers swaddlers in preemie size at a really good price in bulk on They say they fit up to 5 pounds but my girls wore them until 8 pounds. We used LOTS of preemie sleepers too. We had relux problems too. Make sure you save a few of their preemie outfits for baby doll clothes in a few years. I have also found that the dreft spray and wash works really good on the spit up stains too. Hang in there, the girls will be home soon. It is hard for them to catch on to the suck swallow breath concept of taking a bottle. They will get it soon. I am praying for you and your new family.

Suzanne said...

o lizzie! i love you so much!!! it was SO good to hold kinley and love on the girls today! you are such a good mommy and it is so fun to watch you love on these precious babies. you and chris mean the world to me!

yes! pampers only for the first 6 months!

Following Him said...

CUTE!!! Glad Suz got you on the bandwagon with Shout and Dreft. Both are amazing. You will be an awesome mommy and have lots rallying around you. Hang in there and love and prayers to you guys!

Corrie Loftin said...

Pampers swaddlers and dreft.. amen ;) Sounds like you are already off to a good start, Mommy! You will be awesome! Praying for those sweet babies to be home SOON!

Nicole said...

Not sure if you already have some but I do hand-painted nursery letters... can match almost any bedding. Let me know if you'd be intersted!

Beav's Wife said...

We're a Pampers family too! Nothing beats 'em. The girls are soooooo cute! I know you're itchin' to get them home.

Anonymous said...

You're girls are precious! I have made some bows for them I will send to you via Belinda. Now this is my best kept may be more useful later on. For really tough stains, spray Shout and put Dawn liquid dish soap directly on the stain, scrub it a little, and then soaking it in cold water for several hours. It magically lifts stains out. I have been able to get red kool-aid stains and food stains that have already been washed and dried out using this method. It really works! Best wishes!

6 Worleys said...

you should def replace shout with Totally Toddler!! my absolute fav. my kids range from 5 to 14 and i still use it to this day....clothes, shoes, even carpets and vehicles!!! good luck!!your girls are so precious....

6 Worleys said...

you should def replace shout with Totally Toddler!! my absolute fav. my kids range from 5 to 14 and i still use it to this day....clothes, shoes, even carpets and vehicles!!! good luck!!your girls are so precious....

We are the Smith Family said...

We have SOOOO much in common as these are a lot of my favorite things too!!! Hugs lady!!!