Sunday, February 15, 2009

Introducing our little girlies!!!

This week has been crazy with all the running back and forth to the hospital to see the girls. They are doing amazing!!! We were told today that they are doing so good for 33 weekers. The only real thing that they are having trouble doing is sucking and taking a bottle. I am finally getting a second to post some pictures. We have a TON but I won't bore you with all of them. We are just a little in love with the two of them. It blows my mind how much you can instantly fall in love.
The Proud Daddy waiting to meet his little girls!
Me getting to meet Kinley for the first time. Madelyn was having a hard time breathing so I didn't get to see her up close. She was on a CPAP for a little while before they took her off and she has not been back on since!!!!

3 Pounds 13 oz
8:45 PM

Madelyn Clare Tarrant
"Baby B"
4 Pounds 9 oz
8:47 PM
Well, that is just a few of the thousand pictures that we have. They are a week old and we are loving every minute of being parents. Oh I also got my hair chopped off this week. Thanks Suz for taking me. I love it!!! Can you believe we have 6 kids between us?? I know I say this all the time but I don't know what I would do with out Suz. She was such a blessing to all of us during the birth of the twins. None of us know what we would have done without her. Thanks Joe for sharing her. I can't wait for the twins to meet the quads!

Going to make Chris post something this week about our new little family!


Jill said...

Your little girls are just darling. Really, really cute! My daughter in law is 30 weeks pregnant with twins so it is fun seeing your little girls. We can hardly wait for your twins to arrive.

scdnkrd said...

You are doing such an AWESOME JOB, Elizabeth! The Girls are so so fortunate to have you and Chris! I SO know the feeling of "How can I love them SO MUCH!?" Revel in it! We were made for it!

Beav's Wife said...

You look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your lil' cuties with all of us!

Suzanne said...

awwwww! how sweet are YOU?!?!?! love you SO much! those girls are just precious! and you guys are such an amazing mommy and daddy already! you and your hair look FANTASTIC, you hot lil mama!!!

love you!!! kiss the girls for me!

Stephanie said...

They are just adorable!! You could never bore us with pictures..keep them coming!!
Love the pic of you and Suz!!! Your new haircut looks GREAT!!!

Bethany said...

They are beautiful! Congratulations and thanks for sharing :) Absolutely gorgeous little cuties!

Amazing Greis... said...

Congrats! They are absolutely PRECIOUS! I'm so glad that everyone is doing well and love the names.

Jessica said...

Your baby girls are beautiful! I found your blog through Suzy's; I had twin girls at 33 weeks too, about this time last year, so even though I don't know you, I feel a kinship. God bless you as you watch them grow this next year! Twin girls are a wonder. :)

Hilary said...

Great pictures!! Sweet babies :)

Anonymous said...

Great hair cut mama!!
HOLY CUTE BABIES!! They are so pretty! Love the hair!
Congrats, i cant wait to meet them!

boysmum2 said...

congratulations, they are adorable. Love the names you have choosen.

Ronda said...

Congratulations, Liz! Your girls are beautiful!

Kelly said...

The girls are BEAUTIFUL and you look STUNNING!!!! Love your hair ... wish I had looked so put together after my twins were born!! You guys are awesome!! Enjoy those girls!!!

Laura said...

They are SO ADORABLE!!! And precious!! What a wonderful blessing!!!

Kerry Lynn said...

They really are so beautiful!