Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day One of the big trip!!!!

So after MANY MANY days of planning and packing we headed out. We decided that we would try to fit five adults and two babies in our minivan....Well we did it but it was hard!!! Many things didn't make the cut...The double stroller (the hardest thing for me to part with) and the travel swing were the first to go. But once we decided to only take the van it was almost more of a challenge to make it work.  My favorite thing about my caravan is the stow and go. The floor board comes up in the back and you have more storage space underneath. That was probably the only way we did it. Since we were going to be stopping lots and staying at different hotels all week, I packed a different bag for each day for the girls. In addition to that I packed a huge plastic tote of things we use everyday. I even made little tags for each bag with what day they were for...
Missing a few tags in this picture but you get the idea.
No I don't know how I have time to do it with twins. I don't!!!! I probably did it while they were sleeping and I was stressed and that kind of thing helps. Plus I thought they came out
 cute and I can use them again. Anyways, I'm loosing focus!  We loaded the van and were off. We left about 10:30 at night to travel while the girls slept. It worked very well. 

We got to Memphis about 7:30 in the morning. One quick stop at the travel center for the girls breakfast. We were ready to take on Memphis!!!!

Madelyn eating breakfast with Poppy!
When the girls were nice and full we headed to The Arcade for our breakfast.
 Let me tell you if you are ever in Memphis go have breakfast there it is AMAZING. I loved their pancakes. 

Kinley had enough of her carseat and wanted OUT!
Chris had been driving some of the night and looked super tired. 
Madelyn really wanting to try Daddy's food! 
Ok not really but getting tired of being in her seat too!!

After breakfast we headed over to this place called Mud Island River Park. It has this small scale river walk of the entire Mississippi River. Lots of kids were there having toy boat races. It was pretty neat just super hot.  Like I said the double stroller was ditched due to its hugeness so we got out the sling and carrier...

Until they decided that they preferred this mode of transportation.

Poor poppy got stuck with a girl more than once on this trip...not that he minded, I don't think. 

The "Mississippi River"

The girls playing in the water. Madelyn on the left, K on the right.

After a walk around the park and the museum Kinley finally had ENOUGH...and was sharing her feelings with us and everyone else in Memphis. We decided to go back to the hotel to rest. After a few hours of resting we headed back out and did some sightseeing around Memphis. At five we headed over to the Peabody Hotel to see the famous ducks. These ducks stay in the lobby of the hotel and are trained to leave when the duck trainer starts playing music...Anyways these ducks have been doing this forever and are famous so we thought we would go see. 

This is what we were supposed to see.

This is what we actually saw...Nothing!!! 
These ducks are really famous evidently and half the world showed up to see them.  

We had a nice dinner in downtown Memphis and a swim at the hotel and called it a night! Overall a nice time had by all! Next stop...ATL!! Don't worry I won't write this much about EVERYDAY! 



Kristi said...

So sad that you were only 2 and half hours away from me and we didn't get to see each other. Great idea to travel at night, except makes for a very tired mommy and daddy the next day! By the way, the duck master at the Peabody is my cousin in-law(my husband's cousin). Don't worry we know he is very weird!

julia said...

I love the tag idea. We are traveling to colorado and staying in a couple of different places so I wish I could copy your idea (and I might tweek it a bit) but we decided a couple of days ago that we would fly. We are hoping that makes the trip a little easier on us. Maybe not easier on the passengers, but it won't be a long flight. Have fun in Atlanta!! My in-laws live there so we have been to visit several times. Lots to see and do!!!

Suzanne said...

pheww! girrrrl---i know the time and energy it takes to pack and travel with multiples--especially at a young age--and your post brought it all back! it is SO exhausting!!! but good for you...such a good mama and such a good planner! i love you so much!!! the girls are just priceless. wish we could have played more yesterday, but my kids were chosing to be gremlins instead! hee hee


Following Him said...

WoW..all those people in one van. Sounds like an interesting trip. I am SURE Poppy did not mind holding the girls either :) Can't wait to see the rest!