Monday, July 27, 2009

One year's not twins!!! HAHA

So most of you know that when I found out I was pregnant Chris was in Africa. I knew for about two weeks before I saw him. We headed up to the airport to pick all the travelers up. My brother was also one of the ones returning. I knew I didn't want to tell him in front of everyone, I wanted him to have time to let it soak in. So we headed back to our Church to sort bags and head home. I pulled Chris into a room and gave him a wrapped box. He looked confused and opened the box. Inside I put two onesies, a girl one and a boy one. He looked at it and looked at me and said really!?!?! We did all the normal stuff you do when you tell someone your pregnant. Hugged and asked questions. I then stated as he pulled out the onesies but don't worry it's not twins!!! Ok, really I didn't know but I NEVER in a MILLON years even thought I would have twins.  My Dr. appointment was not for a few more weeks. Anyways I thought I would share that story and a picture we took of the girls tonight in those onesies.  

Their eyes look huge in this picture. I think the flash caught them off guard. 

I don't think Chris knew how much those little girls would have him wrapped around their little fingers. He is totally in love with our two little twin girlies. 

Also right after he got back from Africa I was in a wedding. We, not knowing I was pregnant with twins at that time, had picked two names...a boy and a girl name. Canon and Kinley. In the wedding there was a flower girl named Kinley and the ring bearer was named Canon. How strange is that. Totally not common names. We had all these signs about two and I didn't even think about twins...not that I believe in that kind of thing. It was just funny.



Suzanne said...

awww! i totally teared up reading this post! i remember all too well! can't buleeeeev it has already been a year since you packed those onesies up and gave them to chris! and NOW LOOK AT THOSE PRECIOUS BEAUTIES! fitting in them! special. i love the tarrants SO much!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

That's a crazy/cool story! Love the girls in those special onesies!

Kristi said...

How sweet. What a special story, and that you have 2 precious babies to wear those special onsies.