Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer of traveling...Oklahoma

The girls and I have traveled lots this summer. Way more than I thought I would travel with baby twins. However when I heard that my Great Aunts (they are twins too) were going to Oklahoma I had to take the girls to meet them.

  My Dad is from a itty bitty town in Oklahoma and once a year they have homecoming. So the girls and I loaded up once again and traveled north. 

There is always a parade on Saturday morning. It is nothing but small town charm. 

The Girls at the Parade!!
Poppy went to get us an umbrella. It was so sunny and hot. 

Kinley and Madelyn after the parade. Sporting our cute hats from their BFF Savannah.
We had lunch with the family and the twins got to meet the twins finally. Yes they still dress alike. Well at least when they come to visit. Their mother, my great grandmother, had them when she was 44 years old!!!! They were number 13 and 14 of her kids. One weighed 6 pounds and the other 7 pounds. Crazy huh???

We didn't stay out side long because it was so hot and the girls were not having any of it. We went and took naps and rested. 

Madelyn taking it easy! Hands down one of the best things when we travel, our travel swing!

Uncle Andrew helped a lot with the girls this weekend. Kinley and him catching some Z's

Sunday was spent visiting with family and packing to come home. Uncle Andrew and I tried to get a few pictures with me and the girls. This was the best we got. 

Madelyn and Kinley


That is it for now.  We just got back from a HUGE road trip. Over 2400 miles!!!!! I have piles and piles of dirty clothes I need to wash then I will write about our trip. 

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Kristi said...

What a neat thing. I love the picture of Uncle Andrew and Kinley napping.

Corrie Loftin said...

Liz, you are one brave mommy traveling everywhere with baby twins.. SUPER MOM! :) It's the best way to do it though.. teach them to travel when they are tiny! Girls are cute as ever and you, of course, look great! Love you! Are you sure you don't want to move back to Abilene? :)

Stephanie said...

Love the twins w/ the twins pic!
The pics of you and the girls are super cute too!
You are a brave woman traveling with them...I think I was scared just with one!

Suzanne said...

YAAAAAY liz is home!! can't wait for you girls to travel on over to the steece villa tomorrow. the pics are SO cute, liz! the girls are getting SOOO big and adorable! (as if they weren't already?!?!) and the pic of the twins with the twins is SO freakin' cool. you know i LOVE stuff like that!!! i'm glad you guys had a great time. next week, liz and suz need a date! ;) love you!

Kristi said...

We have the same travel swings... well worth the money!! Love the pics - especially the twins with the twins! So cute! Can't wait to see the update from the wedding!

Hilary said...

Cute pictures!!!