Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!! Lots of pictures!!

Happy 4th of July from the Tarrants!!!

We had such a busy day! We were barely at home today and I currently have two tired babies to prove it! They went to bed so easy tonight. I am tired too so I thought I would let the pictures do the talking.

My uncle has a fourth of July thing at his house every year. Lots of people come so we have to park in a field far away. Here is how you travel once you park with twins! Us with Poppy, Mimi, and Uncle Andrew. He is holding the stroller up. Stylish huh??

My cousins Ashleigh and Emily holding Madelyn. Madelyn really liked Ashleigh, she cried when my aunt took her back. I love these girls lots. Aren't they cute. Ashleigh was a flower girl in my wedding.
My other cousins, Jamie, Jessica and Taylor playing with Kinley! I found out today they read my blog so HI GUYS!!! Love ya
After being in the HOT Texas sun we decided to come home and rest. Well most of us wanted to rest...except Madelyn!!! She has been fussy and not wanting to finish her bottles lately. Poor Kinley just wanted to sleep! Let me add, girls wore red onesies today. I am completely disappointed in the amount of newborn sized anything out there. I know most babies don't wear it long but come on!! I could not find any newborn size 4th of July stuff anywhere.

Ok back on point...

This is what our afternoon looked like

and more.... She would stop for a second once the camera went off so we have lots of pictures of Madelyn crying.

Finally Kinley decided she could just sleep anyways while sister was screaming.

Madelyn caused all of us to look a little like this...

After the great crying of 2009. We went over to Nana's and DanDads (my "second set" of parents and family friends) to take the girls swimming for the first time. THEY LOVED IT!!!

Madelyn testing out the water, Nana got them the swim shirts and my cousins had gotten them the cute hats.
She was very interested in the water. She would splash her hands around.
Getting sniffed by Kirby.
Kinley waiting with Mimi and Poppy for her Daddy to hurry and get in the pool with her. My brother took all these swimming pictures. Thanks uncle Andrew.
Kinley deciding what to think about all this water. She knocked her hat off in about 5 mins.
Our family!

Kinley standing with poppy's help of course

Ok, also Huggies or Pampers should come out with a swim diaper smaller than what they have. The small is for 16 pounds. What are our little 10 pound babies to do... This is what a normal diaper looks like after swimming.
We had a wonderful day and now I am going to join everyone else in this house and hit the hay!!!



Anonymous said...

What a FUN day!! The photo if Kinley standing up is so cute!

Kristi said...

Looks like they enjoyed the water. Sorry for such a long day of crying. It does make it hard on the whole family and all friends around too. Poor baby. Happy 4th.

Following Him said...

What a great day :) Glad their first Fourth of July was great!

Stephanie said...

They are just adorable! (even when pouting and crying!)
Glad you were able to go swimming..looks like they had fun!!

Holly said...

Loved the pictures of your sweet family! I want to see you again real soon!!!!