Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Liz's Birthday Week!

Around the Tarrant household everyone has a birthday week! Ha, really it's just so we can celebrate longer! My birthday week started with the Wedding/San Antonio trip! Which was a much needed break. As nice as it was to get away you can't stay gone from reality forever! Plus I think Mimi and Poppy would have made us come home after a while! HA, no I was ready to see my girls after a few days!

My Actually birthday! Me and the Girls!

I didn't want a big deal for my actual birthday...just dinner at home (take out of course. I am not cooking on my birthday) Then I got Chris to hang some pictures that we had gotten framed and work on his honey do list! It's amazing what people will do for you when it's your birthday. Even Mimi, Poppy and Uncle Andrew came over and helped again!

Kinley enjoying Mommy's cake

Madelyn digging in!

Both my mom and Chris got me flowers! Aren't they pretty?

The next day we continued to have fun and played in the sprinkler for the first time. They also LOVE their new water table from Mimi and Poppy!

Madelyn prefers the water table and Kinley can't decide!

She really didn't like the sprinkler

Kinley thought it was pretty cool

Still not sure about the whole thing!

Here is a video of them playing in the sprinkler. Issac (little boy I watch) is playing too. He is who is talking through it. At the end you can have a glimpse of Kinley walking! Also it looks like the video from the last time but I promise it's not. It just put that on there in the beginning for some reason.


Britni Key said...

Happy Birthday Liz! I think it is so neat and special that you all have met the Hutton's. I keep looking for different opportunities to meet my blog families. Looks like you had a great week and The Key Family wishes you many more Happy Birthdays. Watch out for those walkers...they will soon be runners.

The Scott's said...

Happy Birthday Liz and many, many more!!! Looks like you had yourself a great birthday week!!!

Anonymous said...

Girl... you're in trouble! I didn't know it was your birthday! That would have been a good excuse to have some cake in the rv! Now that I know your girls personally, I can enjoy your blog so much more! (Like knowing how much little Madelyn was enjoying that cake! LOL!)

We have that same sprinkler! I blew it up several weeks ago and still have never hooked the water up to it. I need to do that!

Happy Birthday, LIZ!

Celeste Smith said...

What an awesome birthday week! I love that sprinkler ball! How cool! That little girl is going places and I can't believe it!

Hilary said...

Happy Birthday Liz!! The pictures are too cute and funny :)

Tiffany Lockette said...

You don't know me but I've been following you for a while. I think I found your blog through Steece's blog. I haven't commented before but your girls are just to precious and I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Looks like a fun birthday week.

Hannah said...

They are so pretty like their momma! Love that pic of the 3 of yoU!

Maddie C said...

how cuter can yall get