Friday, June 25, 2010

What a week!

Sorry for the absence of blog updates! The girls and I have had quite the week. In addition to ECI appointments and regular appointments we are having a off week. The girls are turning in to toddlers very fast and are bringing on the tantrums! You know it's a bad sign when Mimi is shopping and brings home these four shirts that explain our week (more like two weeks)

Evidence that this was a off week...We had our first biting incident. Madelyn was trying to push Kinley out of the way and got annoyed with her sister and leaned over and bit her. It was in the middle of Wal-mart in the cart and let me tell you we made quite the scene.


Hannah said...

cute shirts! So sorry the biting and temper tantrums have started :(

Celeste Smith said...

Ha! At least Mimi can have a sense of humor about it! Let then fun begin.

The Scott's said...

Ha...and the FUN begins! We've had quite the past few days also as little miss priss is teething and not feeling herself!

Following HIM said...

Oh my goodness! Biting and fits already?! WoW! I have to say that Mimi's shirts sure made me smile. Every child, even M&K, will go through this stage. Bonus is that they are cute and know it! It was so good to see ya on Thursday!

Stephanie said...

Oh no...and the biting starts :(
Hope it doesnt continue and they decide to let mom take a little break this week from the tantrums!!