Saturday, June 5, 2010

Madelyn's Eyes

I was looking at pictures in my phone today and realized I never blogged about Madelyn's eye exam. Since I am using this as my "scrapbook" for now I felt I needed to add it in.

At our 15 month check up I mentioned that Madelyn had been squinting her eyes some especially when she would look at the TV. I didn't think much of it until she started doing it more and more. The doctor thought we should go ahead and get it checked out.

Madelyn and I got to go alone since Auntie Suz was kind enough to watch Kinley. Hey, whats one more when you have four right? LOL! It's fun to take the girls by themselves sometimes... in addition we don't get as much attention which is kind of nice!

Playing in the waiting room

The doctor dilated her eyes which she was NOT crazy about...not to mention it was nap time and she was cranky already when they started messing with her. We waited 30 minutes and the Dr (who I would totally recommend) said she looks fine!!! YAY! He thinks she may have allergies or something and that is why she would be doing that. In a way I felt silly but she was doing it ALOT and I would have always worried about it if I didn't check!


Anonymous said...

Look at those beautiful eyes... of course there's nothing wrong with them, Mommy!! (Glad everything went well! I've still never gone out with only 1 kid... I need to try that!)

Kristi said...

Girl stop feeling silly about taking your girls to be checked. A little reassurance from a doctor that nothing is wrong gives us LOTS of comfort. You are doing great. So glad Mrs. Madelyn is too! I can't wait to see my Tarrant friends in 5 days!!!!!

Stephanie said...

You did the right thing by checking!!
Always better to be safe than sorry!!!
Glad you were able to get in just you and her!!
Auntie Suz rocks!!! :)

Maddie C said...

she is to cute to have eye problems