Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our fun weekend!

As you all know I have had the WONDERFUL pleasure of getting to actually hang out with blogger friends a lot lately! I have loved getting to visit with my twin mamas! These women help me through the day, and I am SOO lucky that I have found them through our blogs. Anyways over the weekend Chris, the girls and I traveled to Arkansas to visit a great friend, Kristi. Kristi and I have been talking, chatting and texting since the girls were born. ( I think they were still in the NICU) We had a great time the first visit and this one was no different, we had a blast! We stayed much busier this time getting ready for the party...We had tons of fun!

Friday morning I decided it was time to try to put up the girls hair! I used different rubber bands and they worked GREAT!
They look so grown up with big girl hair!

It's not quite long enough to lay down so it sticks straight up!

We played outside lots and watched Daddy and Ben set up the HUGE slide for the party! The girls love to swing and Lexyn and Brittyn were nice enough to share their swings with K and M!

We all of course had to try it out the night before to make sure it would work for the party! ;)

The Brown Family

Lex going by herself, this girl was SOO not afraid of the slide.
Saturday morning was the party, Kristi did such a great job planning this party. I love a good party! Click on the picture to look at all the WAY cute details!

Madelyn and Kinley took off walking this weekend following the big girls! (as of this weekend Madelyn started walking!!!!!! about a month after Kinley)

Kinley going down with Daddy!

Madelyn was less thrilled about it at first, but really started to like it later

Let me tell you about Brittyn, that girl does not slow down! If ever a birthday party theme was made for the kids it was this one! Those Brown girls are MONKEYS! They don't slow down, I LOVE IT! Lexyn and Brittyn, I loved playing with you this weekend and miss having you around!
Sweet Brit!

Sweet Lex!

Mommy and Madelyn sliding!

They also had a small bounce house, which the girls really loved!


After all the guests left we hooked water up to the big slide and played for a while! My girls were not crazy about it and again the swings won! They love to swing. I think the grown ups and Lex had a blast going down the water slide.

Girls eating their first Popsicles!

Brittyn showing them how it's done!
Our AMAZING husbands were sweet enough to man the troops while Kristi and I got out of the house for a girls night. It was a blast! Thanks, Ben and Chris!

Sunday we decided we had to get a picture of all four of them!

The Outtakes!

Although I almost like this one more! They look like they are all having such a good time

Kristi, Ben, Lexyn and Brittyn, we had a WONDERFUL time and thank you so much for letting us come and celebrate your birthday! We can't wait to play again, hopefully it will be soon.


Stephanie said...

What a great weekend and even better friendship!!

Looks and sounds like a blast!
The party stuff was adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

How fun! And a girls night? Jealous! They DO look much older with big girl hair! Can't wait for some up-do's over here! LOL!

Kristi said...

Miss you guys! We had so much fun. I enjoyed getting to be in on some firsts; first ponytail, which is so cute and reminds me of my Lexyn's first ponytails, and first popsicles, and Madelyn walking. Our girls are getting so big and I love watching the 4 of them interact. Thanks for coming.

Celeste Smith said...

Love their big girl hair and their cute little green heart outfits! super cute! You know I hung R's swing in teh yard and have yet to put her in...maybe tomorrow! lol! I am glad you guys had fun!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Looks like such a great weekend!! Those girls are too sweet :)!

IRINA said...

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