Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Summer of Parties!

The girls have been invited to a few birthday parties this summer! For a few weeks it seems as if we were always headed to a party! I am soooo behind on my blog I am combining all the fun!

First we had Emmy and Samuel’s (Bubba) birthday party! They had it at a Awesome splash pad here in town!

We have been several times but the girls seem to enjoy it more this time! IMG_3531

Kinley playing with the other kids and Mrs. Amber!


Kinley LOVED all the swimming!


Madelyn found flip flops and was just itching to put them on! Such a girl about shoes!


Madelyn is all the sudden loving dessert. I mean like we fight her all the time to eat actually food instead of just sugar. I mean both girls could stand to gain a few but I don’t want her to just eat sugar. Anyways she has learned that cake comes with parties and she isn’t happy until she gets to eat the cake!



Whats funny is that she almost never finishes the cake but she sure does like to start it! After she got the cake out of the way, she turned into quite the little dare devil. She really knows no fear lately. It might just kill this mama sometimes!


She probably went down this slide 15 times. She would have gone down more but the party was over! IMG_3568 Chris didn’t get a picture of the birthday girl but here is the birthday boy!


Also we LOVE our puddle jumpers! The girls aren’t close to 30 pounds but they work GREAT once they learned they were supposed to stay on their arms. I highly recommend them to anyone even if the weight limit isn’t quite right!

The next week we had the Quads birthday party!

IMG_2913 Over the last couple of weeks, we had been sharing a virus and it was Kinley’s turn. She was at home with her Daddy running a fever. So this was just Madelyn and I at Pump it up this time!

Like I said Madelyn knows no fear and was keeping up with the big kids


Everyone commented on how brave she was!


All the kiddos!

IMG_2903 Silly Sav!

IMG_2909 I just like this picture of Madelyn and Carter sitting at the big table! Look at their little legs next to those big kids!


This is such a cute cake! IMG_2911 What you have to when you have to share a cake with 3 boys and 1 girl! Good job, Suz!

Next up, we had Emery and Gavin’s birthday! Shelley (their mom) is one by BFF’s that goes on my twin mom trip. I was so excited to see her and it’s always fun to get our kids together!


They had their backyard set up with all sorts of water fun! It was a great idea for all this Texas heat we have been having.

IMG_1036small Lately the girls are sticking together more and more when we are out around other kids. They will be together most of the time and if they get separated they will start looking for each other.

Yes, they are wearing their bows with their bathing suits…ha!



The birthday duo!IMG_1059-1smallWe totally forgot to bring the camera to this party so I borrowed all these pictures from Shelley. So there was actually a picture of us with our kids that isn’t posed. Again Madelyn with the cake!


We have had a GREAT summer celebrating our friend’s birthdays! We are jealous of all the fun stuff you can do outdoors for summer birthdays! The girl’s birthday usually comes with ice or it is perfect outside…never know here in TEXAS so you can’t plan for anything! I will say for one thing we are getting tired of all the over 100 degree days we have been having!

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Janet said...

Great photos. M & K are getting so big. Love reading about their latest adventures. It's almost like looking into a mirror.