Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oops and a baseball game!

Back in July we all dressed in our red and blue and headed to the Ranger’s game! My mom had won tickets to use the City’s suite. We jumped at the chance to go and sit inside to watch the game! We got all the way into the game traffic and realized that my mom had the wrong date. The game we were supposed to go to was exactly one month later! We all had a good laugh, mostly at Mimi’s expense! We decided that we would go ahead and go out to eat. I had the great idea to go to Babe’s Chicken. WRONG!


Ha, So did half of the city of Arlington!!! We were there forever. I think we waited for over an hour and a half. So instead of sitting in a air conditioned suite we sat outside waiting on a table! oh well, we were in great company and lots of water to get us through. Chris took some cute pictures of the girls so not all was lost!


Pretty much every time we go out I get asked if the girls are identical. Like no joke almost everytime! Anyways I get that the girls look some what alike but I don’t see how people think they look so much alike. However, these pictures of Madelyn I think she looks alike Kinley.





The food was great, along with the company! Exactly one month later we actually got to go here and got in this time! LOL, sorry Mom it’s funny!


Madelyn and Mommy!


Elayna went with us! The girls just LOVE her…I do too!


To say the girls loved the game would be an understatement. They thought it was great and sat outside watching the game most of the time. They would clap and cheer. They are still talking about it! So cute.

Christopher and Kinley




Yes the girls are wearing the same dress as the month before…we don’t have a lot of Red, White and Blue in their wardrobe! Maybe I need to work on that ;)


The girls were spoiled with all their cousins to carry them around the whole evening! Kinley with Madison and Christopher IMG_4053 This is a HORRIBLE picture of us but I included it anyways! It was after 11 and we were all soooo tired!


WE had a great night (both of them, ha) The suite was AMAZING, we were next to President Bush’s Suite…who was not in attendance that night. We are so lucky to have the ball park in our backyard! The girls enjoyed it so much I am sure there will be more games in our future!


Celeste Smith said...

I think that is an adorable picture of you and Chris! Too funny about the wrong night...way to roll with the punches! Miss you guys!

Amanda said...

Love their little outfits! I tried to email you but it didn't work. Here's my email abowers98@sbcglobal.net. Look forward to hearing from you!

Melissa Potter said...

Instead of "are they identical", I get "they look nothing alike" or "one has curly hair and one has straight". I always say I did it on purpose so people could tell them apart. I get really weird looks. :)