Thursday, August 18, 2011

A GREAT visit

My Granddad and Kay came into town for a quick visit a couple of weeks ago. We are always happy to see them and enjoy our time with them! Kay (Great Grandmommy) and Granddaddy are always sending the girls things in the mail. The girls love going out to the mailbox because of the packages. Some of the girls cutest dresses have come from them! IMG_2883

My Granddad is seriously one of the best granddads in the world. Especially when you are a kid. He was ALWAYS playing with us. I remember all the fun stuff we would do growing up, making tents, watching Saturday morning cartoons, having tea parties, playing computer games (my granddad ALWAYS had the coolest computers and the best games. Even before everyone had computers in every room…lol) Drawing, and a ton of other memories, I could go on forever.IMG_2884 I grew up down the street from my Granddad and Grammy (who Kinley is named after. Kinley Margaret) So we got to play with Granddaddy all the time. I will treasure those moments forever. After my Grammy died and Granddaddy and Kay moved away we don’t get to see them as often but I am SOOO glad my girls know them and get to play like we did.IMG_2885 I don’t know why I don’t have any pictures of Madelyn but I promise she was there! We love our visits and wish they could happen more often. Great Granddaddy and Great Grandmommy just bought a farm out in the country and we are hoping we can take the girls to see all the animals once it cools down.

They always love her necklaces!


Thanks for coming to play, the girls can’t wait to see their Great Granddaddy and Great Grandmommy again!

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Holly said...

Aren't grandparents just the best!?!?

I have a question for ya... I was just remembering how cute your girls 2nd bday was. I think I might copy you. :) Where did you get all your cute owl stuff?