Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Time in Trinity .

Chris’s Grandmother had been sick for the last couple months and We were told that if we wanted to see her before she passed that we should probably go ahead and come visit. After talking about it and deciding not to go, we changed our minds coming home from church one day. We pretty much were driving on the highway toward home and decided to turn around and head three hours south. The way we looked at it was we might regret not going but we would probably never regret going. So we went! Minus Kinley screaming for two out of the three hours back home, I know we were glad we went!

Madelyn is not as shy as Kinley and was very giving with her hugs that day. It was sweet and I hope Memaw enjoyed seeing them.


She had kept a bear Chris had when he was growing up and the girls got to play with it. They didn’t get that it was their Daddy’s but it was still sweet.


IMG_2772 Kinley


Since we had been in a car for over three hours and were pretty much turning right back around and driving home we took the girls outside to let them run off some energy. They found the neighbor’s (who is Chris’s aunt) dog and were more than happy to talk to him!


We got home LATE Sunday night, more like Monday morning. We were so glad we went though because we got the sad news Monday night that she had passed away. Of course everyone was sad but grateful she wasn’t in pain anymore. Chris’s mom (grandma) who had basically moved down there to take care of her, was having her birthday the Wednesday after she died so we went a little early. So we could all help celebrate her birthday.

The girls swinging on the front porch with Grandma.


We stayed in a hotel there in Trinity, there is only one so not much to pick from. The closet chain hotel was over 45 minutes away. It left something to be desired but what do you do! You know it isn’t a good sign when you see this in the parking lot…


When Kinley saw it She asked Chris…”Dada, what is that”? Chris said “it is a truck” Kinley said “it no truck dada it's a farm”. I have city girls that is for certain! After having to change rooms because the carpet was SOAKED in the first room, we finally got a room that we could live with. (not saying too much though) We spent the next few days spending time with Chris’s family.

The girls with Aunt Andrea and Grandma


It was sad reason that we had to visit but it was nice to see everyone and spend time with them. Chris's Grandma had 9 kids! In those 9 she had two sets of boy twins!!! After I had the girls I always felt a little closer to her than before. She was VERY quiet but I felt like we had that unspoken twin mom bond. Memaw, you will be missed.

Maxine Bailey

February 25 1935-July 11, 2011


Anonymous said...

What special photos, Liz. I know the girls will treasure them someday. I would give anything to have photos of A&A with my grandmother ;)

Hilary said...

So sorry for your loss...the pictures are great! I'm glad that you guys got to spend sometime with her before she passed too...will keep you in my prayers!