Monday, August 29, 2011

Treasure it Tuesday

This is such a fun age as far as language goes. They talk to each other and us all day. The things they pick up on crack us up sometimes! I want to remember how they talk right now. I have been trying to record them on video more and more just talking.

The pictures are from my phone (note the bad quality)


Kinley has all the sudden become scared of the dark. Every time we put her to bed, she tells us she “doesn’t want that dark on”.

She also has started saying “NO WAY” all the time. We asked her if she wanted water today…She answered '”no, no NO WAY mama”!

Everytime we go to get her out of bed after a nap or in the morning…she says “I still awake mama, I still awake” like she has been sitting in there awake the whole time.

Yikes I have no make up on!


Madelyn is really coming along in her speech. She says full sentences more and more. It is so fun to listen to her say new words everyday. A few weeks ago she cut her finger pretty badly. My Dad was there and he helped. It was bled a TON. She to this day, everyday puts up her thumb and says “my boo boo, poppy wixed (fixed) it”

They have this dinosaur toys and they are her “ya yasaurs”.

If you ask Madelyn pretty much anything that is a yes or no question, her answer is always “yep”. She has always called water “wa wa” and this week we have caught her several times saying water!!!

Madelyn thinks it is so funny when you ask her,her name she answer Kinny (kinley) she laughs because she knows she isn’t!



Celeste Smith said...

So cute! They are looking and sounding like little girls!

Amanda said...

Hi! I found your blog from the steeces. I have 4 month old boy/girl twins. I have been trying to get in touch with other twin mims. I have a blog I hope things are going well for your precious girls.