Tuesday, October 6, 2009

7 months!

Ok, so I know the girls turn 8 months tomorrow but I still wanted to post their 7 month pictures and Stats! I had already written down the info part but just now getting time for the pictures. Their outfits were made by my good friend, who I met online and fellow twin mommy. Kristi (Brown Twins)

Size 1 diapers
0-3 months clothes
smiles but no laughing 
Loves to sleep once she is asleep
Loves her glowworm at night
HATES the vacuum 
always moving
blue eyes still

Size 1 diapers 
0-3 Months clothes 
Loves to giggle at her sister
fights sleep
Loves her glowworm
content to watch everyone
Loves to swing
Loves to jump in the Jumparoo! (Thanks Steece's)
blue eyes still

They are growing too fast! They are becoming their own two little girls! Kinley is always into something and always moving. Madelyn is more laid back and calm (sometimes). I love both of these things about both of them. I can't imagine life with out either one of them. 

What taking pictures with our girls is really like! Usually is always Kinley (right) grabbing whatever Madelyn (left) has!
Every once in a while Madelyn will fight back! 



Suzanne said...

oh my freaking cuteness!!!! LOOOOOVE the pic of K pulling M's bow! hilarious. those girls are just toooooo precious! so glad you are recording their stats---u will LOVE that you did that!
love you so stinkin' much! thanks again for watchin' the boys while we took savi to her eye doc. you guys are the absolute BEST! now, bring those girls over and go out on a date! we are here all weekend!

Corrie Loftin said...

They are so precious! I LOVE the bow pulling pics! Do you think this will turn to hair pulling teenagers one day? LOL

Tiffany Lockette said...

Oh my goodness, those girls are too precious and the outfits are absolutely adorable. I wish I would have recorded Zoe's stats along the way. I hope to do that with next baby.

Kristi said...

OMG! Second to my girls, your girls are the cutest thing ever!!!! I love their outfits and bows, glad they fit so darn cute. If you find any solid long sleeve onsies send them this way, I will embroider them as well. We have got to work on a way to get together soon. I want to see your angels in person. Now try to get 8 month pics up a little sooner!!!!

Meghan said...

hi! i have been following your blog for awhile but just decided to write something. i also have twin girls :) they are almost the same age as your they are 7 months. They were born in Feb. at 27 weeks so they were very very early but are doing awesome now. both were only 2.4 and 2.6 when they were born but both are over 14 pounds now and doing awesome! your girls are beautiful and i absolutely love their names!!! i hanve never heard of Kinley and i totally LOVE IT! anyway just though i would stop by finally and say hi :)

Anonymous said...

Precious! I love the zebra backdrop with the red and white outfits. They really look different in these pics...getting easier for me to tell them apart. You've got some cuties!

Janet said...

I love the pictures of the girls pulling on each others bows. I thought that my girls were the only ones who did this while i'm trying to get pictures. Good to know that another Mommy has the same issue. The girls are getting so big and more adorable every time you post pictures!!

Celeste Smith said...

Oh Liz! I LOVE these pictures and cant wait to see them!!! I think I need these pics for my fridge!!!

Anonymous said...

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