Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sick babies!

This week the twins have been sick! Kinley is much more sick than Madelyn but it has been a hard few days for both of them...and mama! I think these pictures speak for themselves. 

Madelyn holding her own bottle of pedialyte!

Kinley having a PJ kind of day!

Kinley is quite the Daddy's girl this week! 
Poor Baby does not do anything. Just lays there!
Madelyn feeling a little better than her sister!

Stupid stomach virus has kept us in all week and we are starting to get cabin fever! Have not even taken 8 month pictures yet because the girls don't feel good. 

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Anonymous said...

Poor babies (and mommy and daddy!) Hope you all get to feeling better! Even sick - they are so adorable!

julia said...

I am so sorry your girls are sick! That can't be fun!!! Hope they get to feeling better soon.

They have the most beautiful eyes!! I have thought that before but really noticed in the last two photos how pretty they are!

Kristi said...

You are right, the pictures speak for themselves. Poor babies!!! Stomach bugs are hard on everyone but in my opinion harder on babies who don't understand. I hope the get feeling better real quick. Being sick is hard on EVERYONE!!!

DJones said...

hope everyone is feeling better soon!!