Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Lake!

A few weekends ago we went to the lake for Mimi's (my mom's) birthday! We had lots of fun getting to celebrate with her, poppy and Uncle Andrew all weekend!

The girls are pretty messy eaters right now so we decided to feed them outside. Bananas are NOT Kinley's favorite thing! She pretty much refuses to eat them now.

Kinley watching the boats go by!
Madelyn had decided she would rather have Mimi hold her!
They get away with anything with Mimi!

Kinley likes the camera more than Bananas!

Sitting on the porch with Poppy after dinner

Enjoying a morning chat with Mimi on her birthday.

My parents took the girls to meet my Mom's long time friend who lives on the Lake,
while I stayed back and had a much needed break!

One of the perks of having my dad grill out!

The girls new favorite thing is to pull toys out of a bag.
Keeps them occupied for at least 10 minutes!

We had a wonderful time, and it was hard to come back. I enjoyed having extra hands for a few days too! Happy Birthday Mimi!

This weekend we still had a very sick little Kinley! Madelyn seemed to bounce back rather quickly but not her sister. She was having lots of yucky diapers and was refusing to eat pretty much all the time. She would just want to lay around all day. NOT HER AT ALL! I had called the pedi and they said if by Saturday it had not changed I was supposed to bring her in. It didn't. I had already thought she was feeling a little lighter too. She was about a pound and half lighter! She is doing a little better now. She even babbled a little this evening. Huge improvement. Today her daddy stayed home with her while Madelyn and I went to Church. I had not been out of the house in almost a week and was going to go CRAZY! We had church in the park today and it was a lovely day! Our church does this once a year and it is so much fun.

Madelyn loved being outside and watching the big kids play!
One of my very best friends who is pregnant went to the doctor last week and was diagnosed with preeclampsia. I was too when I was pregnant except that she is 38 weeks!!!! She is having a baby girl on Tuesday, we are so excited to have another girl friend coming! Actually I have two friends having baby girls this week. Kristen, and Celeste we are thinking and praying for you both!



Suzanne said...

sooooo glad to hear that kinley is feeling better! nothing harder than having sick kids- at the same time! i love you--you just say the word if you need a "liz and suz" date this week! ;) the lake pics were great and a blelated happy birthday to mimi!
love you!!!

Kristi said...

Glad Kinley is starting to feel better. Cute lake pictures, and Madelyn on the slide is really cute. Our church does Sunday in the Park once a year too. That is so neat.

We are the Smith Family said...

Wow...they are getting sooo big!!! Too cute! Glad you had a good visit!!! Sorry the bananas don't go over well...they are a staple in our house....don't know what I'd do without them....all angels are different....hugs girl!!!