Friday, December 4, 2009

First Snow!

We were shocked to wake up Wednesday morning to find this falling from the sky!!!

Ok so I KNOW it isn't much but this Texas girl doesn't really know what much snow is! I wanted to make sure the girls saw it! Cause hey, you never know if this is all we will see this year!!!!
Kinley seeing snow for the first time!
Madelyn seeing it for the first time!

Madelyn kept watching it from inside!
Really I think she was watching some kids playing outside!
It lasted for about 45 minutes and didn't stick but it was so pretty to watch! So excited about this upcoming season and this was perfect weather to start it off!


Hilary said...

Too cute!!!

Stephanie said...

How cute!
I live in Katy, TX and it has been snowing here since 8:00 this morning!! Crazy!!
I have friends in Dallas and Austin that cant believe we are getting so much and they are getting nothing! lol

Anonymous said...

So jealous! We didn't get anything. Guess we'll have to take the girls to Colorado!