Sunday, December 6, 2009

Better Late than Never!!!! 9 Months

Ok so I know that the girls officially turn 10 months tomorrow (SAD) but I am just now getting around to posting their 9 month pictures. I promise we took them way earlier this month. We have been super busy this month it seems and I can't seem to catch a extra second! We took all of these pictures at this old farm. I think they turned out pretty cute!

Kinley(left) Madelyn(right)

Kinley, Madelyn
Don't know why but I really love this one!

Madelyn, Kinley
This picture makes me wonder why anyone thinks they look alike!!!
They are holding their hands the same way though

I LOVE how Kinley is holding on to Madelyn. She did this the whole time.

Madelyn (at 9 months)

At 9 month appointment weighed 13 pounds. Dr slightly worried about both of the girls weight. She knows they are healthy just not packing on the pounds.
0-3 month clothes
1-2 size Pampers Swaddlers
size 1 shoe
Loves puffs and Cheerios. Getting much better at grabbing them
Likes Peaches, apples, peas, carrots
dislikes bananas
Not crawling, content to roll
Squeals at the sight of her sister
Really likes the swing still
Bites down on everything but no teeth

Madelyn is ALWAYS taking it all in!

weighs 14 pounds. (first time she has ever outweighed Madelyn)
Army Crawling (since writing this she has starting really crawling)
Makes a "panting" sound and flaps arms when she is excited
Makes Da Da sounds and raspberries noises
size 1-2 Pampers swaddlers
0-3 clothes
size 1 shoe
pulling up in crib to knees (since writing this she now pulls up to her feet)
Eats the best out of the two
Loves cheerios and Puffs

So outgoing! Going to give me a run for my money I am sure.

Looks like me as a baby in this picture
We always have lots of fun taking their "month" pictures...Ok, I lied! It is always really hard and takes forever! Madelyn was completely worn out after this photo session!

Kinley was still ready for more...until the ride home!



Amanda Jo said...

Liz, your girls are beautiful!!! I love how you do the updates on'll really treasure these updates later on! My little guy is 6 now and I wish I had something like this to look back on! Blessings to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Oh they turned out GREAT! They look so cute in those shoes! I can't keep shoes on my girls. (My jaw dropped when I read that they will be 10 months tomorrow... that means mine will be 10 months in 5 days! YIKES! Where does the time go?)

Holly said...

What great pictures! They are so beautiful! I also love love love the big bows!

Holly said...

What great pictures! They are so beautiful! I also love love love the big bows!

Kristi said...

The pictures turned out so good. There are several that I really like, and could be x-mas card pics but I am sure you will get some more good ones tomorrow for their 10 month pictures. They looked really cute in their outfits and big bow too.

Hilary said...

Those are too all the pictures :)

Tiffany Lockette said...

They are both so stinkin cute and what a bond they are going to share as they get older. Simply precious.

Anonymous said...

Those are PRICELESS! I love the location and the bows look fabulous! They are just too cute for words.

We are the Smith Family said...


We are the Smith Family said...


The Buschbachs said...

Liz, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your daughters are such cuties - the camera really loves them!! Looking at all your pictures makes me so excited for the arrival of our girls. Thanks again for stopping by - I look forward to seeing more pictures of your girls.