Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Poor baby Kinley

So I have SOOO much to blog about but we have been so busy I have barely had time to get online at all. It all started Saturday...Kinley started running a fever. It was low around 100. I figured teething since she was drooling so much. Then she started getting a runny nose. Still not too concerned we kept on with our day. Into Sunday at this point, fever getting higher but figured I would have to just wait till Monday morning to see a dr. I finally got out to do a little Christmas shopping with my mom. I get a phone call from Chris(always happens on his watch lol) is up to 104, almost 105 and she has red cheeks and has red spots on her chest. He had called the on call doctor and we were supposed to go to the ER. We decided to have Chris stay with Maddie and my mom went with me. Hey, every girl needs her mommy every once and a while!!!
Here is video of Kinley that her Daddy took while I was gone!

Kinley holding her dolly in the waiting room

Since her fever was high and she is only 10 months and a preemie they wanted us to be extra careful and run all sorts of tests. This poor baby girl was so poked at the end she is terrified of dr's and nurses. She had a catheter, they put a tube down her nose to suck the snot with, a blood culture, poked at her ears, and a lung x-rays. She was so tired and scared!!! I felt like crying along with her...probably did some!! She is so sweet that anytime she heard another kid crying she would start crying.

She was not feeling good at all!!!
The only thing they could tell was that her white blood cells were a little high which could indicate a bacteria. They gave her a shot of antibiotics and told me to follow up with our pedi in 24 hours.
She was SOOO tired while we were waiting to go home!

Our visit to the pedi was uneventful and we were told it was just a virus!!! YAY! Except that mean Madelyn will probably get it. Keep them separate, they told me!!! She was still running a fever half of the day yesterday but it is finally gone now!



Anonymous said...

Oh that video brought tears to my eyes! There's nothing worse than a sick baby - such a helpess feeling! I'm glad she's feeling better and that Madelyn seems to have avoided it! Keep us posted! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas... actually, a sick-free Christmas!!

The Scott's said...

Poor baby girl! I hope she gets to feeling better soon! I agree with Krisit...there's nothing worse than a sick baby! You feel so helpless as a parent! Hope Madelyn and everyone else is able to stay well. Merry 1st Christmas to your sweet baby girls (and you and your hubby too)!!! I'm excited about playing Santa this year...this is Burkley's 1st Christmas home, so it should be exciting!!!

Kristi said...

Oh poor baby! Sick babies are so sad. They just don't understand and we can't do anything to really make it all better. Glad she is feeling a little better, and praying little miss Madelyn doesn't get it. BTW her red round circles on her chest sure look like my girls when they had those target lesions.

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Oh my - poor baby! Hope she is feeling much better!

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

Tiffany Lockette said...

Poor baby, she just looks uncomfortable in the pictures, I can't imagine how bad she felt. Hope she feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

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